Doctor Who: Lady Cassandra by Character Options

Folks, it’s been a slow, slow week for new acquisitions here on FigureFan these past couple of weeks. I’ve been diverting funds to some improvements around the house, but I am planning an excursion to TRU this week to get some new toys. Nonetheless, I didn’t want to let things flounder here, so I dug into some unsorted and unopened figures sitting in a tote in my closet and this is what I came up with… a Series 1 Doctor Who figure: Cassandra.

Here’s a blast from the past… the old style Doctor Who packaging. It wasn’t all that special, but it was functional and being a regular card and bubble, it was much easier to get into than those pesky clamshells. The cardback was generic with the swirly orange vortex from the earlier series openers. There’s an insert in the bubble with the Doctor Who logo used on the series a the time and a photo of Cassandra to personalize the packaging with the figure. The bubblie is huge and vaguely shaped like the TARDIS.
Cassandra was certainly one of the most memorable aliens from Series 1. Oh, wait, she wasn’t really an alien was she? In fact, she was the last human. A single trampoline of skin stretched out over a metal frame with a eyes and a mouth. I don’t know that you can really call her plastic version an action figure, since apart form her wheels she has no articulation whatsoever, but she’s definitely a great recreation of her onscreen counterpart. Everything is reproduced here, right down to her little brain in the jar on the base. If you put her up to the light, you can even see the veins running through her. Cool!
In addition to Cassandra, you also get three of the robot spiders that she used as spies in the episodes “The End of the World” and “New Earth” These spiders were also bundled with the single carded version of Rose Tyler. Sure, they’re simple little PVC figures, but they’re decently sculpted and very cool to have scattered around my display shelves.
I missed out on Cassandra when she was first released, but I got a second chance at her recently when the fine folks at Who North America allowed me to tack her on my order for an extra five bucks. She’s a really cool addition to the the earliy NuWho figures on my shelf.

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