Voltron: Vinyl Vehicle Voltron by Toynami

If you read my feature on Toynami’s Lion Force Gift Set then you know I’m an odd bird who hates the Voltron cartoons but can’t get enough of Voltron in all his toy forms. My anticipation of receiving my first shipment from Matty’s Club Lion Force is already hitting a fever pitch, and it’s still many months away. I decided to quench my Voltron thirst a bit by picking up this vinyl version of vehicle Voltron. And that’s a lot of V’s! Unlike a lot of Voltron fans, I’m not a vehicle Voltron hater!

One thing about this packaging is that it’s not afraid to show off the goods. It’s almost completely transparent with a printed insert in the back and bottom. It is a bit fragile, but also collector friendly, so you can return your Voltron to the package for display so long as you’re careful.
First the good stuff. This vinyl figure does a great job capturing the animated look of Voltron. It’s colorful and simplified, yet you can still make out details like the treads and wheels on the vehicles. The head sculpt looks awesome and overall the paint is bright and clean. No problems here. Of course, the key word here is vinyl, folks, and if you keep that in mind you shouldn’t be disappointed. This is not a super articulated action figure, but more of a nice statue with some basic points of articulation thrown in for good measure. His arms will rotate at the shoulders and swivel at the wrists. His head turns and he can swivel at the waist. That’s it, though.
While I don’t expect high articulation from a vinyl collectible like this, I also don’t expect it to be fragile. In this case, one of the wings on Voltron’s head randomly snapped off shortly after being removed from the package. Yeah. It was easily fixed with a little dab of gorilla glue, only to have the other one snap off a second later. What’s more, Voltron doesn’t stand very straight. He’s kind of lopsided and wobbly.
I’m not sure how much this thing originally cost, but I picked it up for fifteen bucks while doing a little dumpster diving at a clearance sale. The figure looks great in the package, and that’s where I’ll be leaving him. Once I took him out and handled him, my impressions dropped like a lead balloon. Even at the lower clearance price, I can’t really recommend this one, unless you keep all your toys unopened, in which case I guess it makes for a nice boxed display piece.

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