Still Nothing To See Here… But Soon!

So, I have a minor disaster to document today, but before we get to that…

I’m going to try to step things up a bit and get a review up before Christmas, so that I can get a few more up after Christmas, and be in full swing by the time next year rolls around in a couple of weeks. Masters of the Universe Classics’ Icarius is still on tap to be the first one I do, since it was supposed to be the last one I was going to do before the FigureFan train got derailed by The Perfect Storm of distractions that has been my life these past couple of months.

But besides my empty promises of getting to writing some friggin content, there’s been some other positive movement here on the home front yesterday. I actually bought some toys! Ok, so they were toys that I ordered online, but they’re on their way to me nonetheless and will be providing me with something to actually write about.

On the Matty Collector front. This Thursday was Matty Sale Day. There weren’t a lot of figures I was interested in, but I did actually get me a Wind Raider! I really thought this thing was going to sell out immediately, and I honestly couldn’t spare the funds for it until Friday, but luckily it hung around long enough for me to snag one. In fact, a couple days later, and it’s still available! I really don’t want to open the whole can of worms of buying a lot of MOTUC vehicles at this point. Especially since my personal interests in the line will likely be waning next year, but Mattel said they aren’t doing any other vehicles in 2012, so I figured it was safe to buy this one. It looks fabulous and I’m really excited about getting it.

The other items I picked up are both Doctor Who Classic 2-packs from Character Options. One is the “Caves of Androzani” set, which comes with a variant of Peri bundled with Sharaz Jek. I love this episode. It’s one of my all time favorites, so I’m obviously glad to get this set. The other is the “Invasion of Time” set, which comes with a variant of Leela and a Sontaran. I’m pretty excited about this one too!

And now about that disaster. Ironically, just as I’m planning on ending my toy collecting hiatus, I found that disaster had struck in my toy storage. Apparently a pipe burst in the wall and about half the area suffered some minor flooding. About six of the bottom storage boxes were effected. They were drenched, but they also contracted a fair amount of mold and I didn’t even want to attempt to save them. The result was that six file boxes of toys had to be bagged and trashed, along with a couple of other boxed toys. The boxed toys were both Star Wars items. One was my Target Exclusive Tie Bomber and the other was the box to my Target Exclusive Imperial Shuttle. The Shuttle was saved, but the box had to go.

As for the file boxes. Two of them contained my entire GI JOE Sigma Six collection. Honestly, as much as I loved these things, if I had to choose something to get destroyed, these would have been on the list, just because they’re something of a self-contained oddity in my collection. Unfortunately, the other four boxes were all Transformers. I didn’t inventory the boxes, before I pitched them, they were that badly contaminated, but right now I believe that they were all Voyager or Ultra Class toys from Cybertron/Energon/Armada lines as well as my various Contructicon/Devastator figures. It’s a sad loss, but there are plenty of other things in that storage that I would rather not have lost, so as far as bad news goes, it could have been worse. It could have just as easily been my MOTUC figures or Doctor Who stuff.

But enough with the negativity. Sit tight kiddies, I’ll be back soon!

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