Masters of the Universe Classics: Icarius by Mattel

[See! Told ya, I’d be back. I’m not going to bother with a big preamble about how long its been. I’ve dropped in with a couple of posts to do that. Instead let me jump right in and see if I remembered how to do this nonsense…]

Icarius was one of the figures from October’s Matty Sale Day, so yeah, he’s been out for a while. I probably shouldn’t complain about people doing things in a timely manner, since it took me almost two months to do this review, but I’m going to continue to gripe about Matty’s shipping. October’s sale happened on the 17th, my Icarus figure didn’t ship out until three days later, and didn’t finally arrive on my doorstep until a full ten days after that. I wouldn’t mind so much if they didn’t charge almost ten dollars. It just seems like I’m paying a lot for the slowest possible shipping. But, with that little rant out of the way let me preface our look at this figure by pointing out that I’ve never seen more than a few minutes of The New Adventures of He-Man, which is where Icarius (aka Flipshot) is from. The MOTUC line has been pretty good at getting me to pony up for figures when I don’t have a lot of love or familiarity for the character. Optikk (also from New Adventures) and Chief Carnivous (from the MYP series) were others. Icarius just looked like a really cool toy that I needed to check out for myself.

There’s the MOTUC packaging. We’ve seen it dozens of times, although it’s been a while since I last saw it, as I didn’t buy any MOTUC figures last month. I did open Icarius back when I first got him, and it was a bit of a pill to try to find out what I did with the in-package photo, but low and behold I managed to track it down on one of my harddrives. I know at least one collector-friend who remains pissed that Mattel is even including the New Adventures characters in this line, but I can’t see the reasoning behind getting upset about it. If you don’t like them, don’t buy them. Simple as that. Personally, I’m actually stoked to see these characters appear streamlined into a series of figures that is all inclusive to all aspects of the Masters Universe. Just like with the Princess of Power figures, this guy has a sticker on the front pointing out he’s part of a subline, in this case it’s one of the “Galactic Protectors.” Unfortunately, I didn’t save Icarius’ bio card from the back of the package, and now its been so long since I opened him, I can’t remember anything about him. So, let’s just move on to the figure itself.
A big part of what makes Icarius such a cool figure is his gear, but we’re going to start off looking at the base figure, and that means not only setting his gear aside, but also popping on his alternate, unhelmeted head. He’s a somewhat generic looking guy in a two-tone blue suit. His soft plastic blue vest, complete with sculpted hoses and components is removable to reveal a plain blue painted torso. His silver boots are designed to go with his flight gear, so they do look a little out of place when Icarius isn’t wearing all his stuff. I should also note that for some reason Icarius’ arms look rather short to me. It’s odd, since I haven’t had an issue with the arms on any other MOTUC figure. Maybe its the little bit of bulk added by the vest. Either way, it’s not a dealbreaker for the figure, just something that irks me a bit. Icarius’ alternate head has a flattop haircut and a chizzled face that looks like a lot like Arnold Schwartzenaggar to me. Whether the likeness was intentional or not, I believe this is one of the lines better head sculpts, as its very detailed and sports a lot of realism.
Icarius weapon consists of a metal sleeve for his arm onto which are mounted two missiles. Holy shit, this guy doesn’t mess around with guns. Guns are for pansies. Nope, he just fires a pair of stinger missiles right off of his arm and into your face. He escalates things quickly. If just a couple of missiles makes him seem light on the accessories, don’t worry because his flight gear more than makes up for it. I do have two minor quibbles about the missile rack. One, it doesn’t seem to fit his arm very well. If you move the arm around it’s likely to fall off. Second, I wish the missiles had been sculpted separately so you can display him having fired one off.
The flight gear consists of his helmeted head with flip down visor and his glorious winged jetpack. The visor on the helmet simply clips onto the dimples on the side of the helmet and you can remove it entirely if you want. It’s also cleverly designed so that when you flip it up it looks like it’s just part of the helmet.
The jet pack on the other hand is an amazingly cool piece. It pegs right onto Icarius’ vest and stays in place very securely. The sculpt features a ton of detail, right down to the fan vents on the tops of the engines and the various panel lines and fins. The tubes at the end of the wings hold the missiles, which just drop in, and while they do stay put, you can flick them to fire them, sort of like the flick-fire missiles featured in a lot of Lego sets. The wings are hinged, so that you can angle them back a bit. The whole ensemble is easily one of the most impressive accessories in the line so far. On the downside, Icarius is a bit back heavy when wearing his flight gear, so you may want to display him in the back of the shelf, using the wall as support.
I can wholly understand how some of the more diehard MOTU fans might feel that Icarius here doesn’t fit in with the other figures. I can see that. I’ll even concede that a lot of my love for this figure comes from seeing him as a stand alone piece. He reminds me a lot of some of the cool forgotten lines of the 80’s like the Centurions. So even if he doesn’t fit in all that well with his fellow MOTUC figures, I still think he’s an awesome figure, with just a few minor flubs here and there, and I’m mighty glad to have him in my collection. Either way he’ll still look fine on the shelf as he waits for some of the other Galactic Defenders to arrive.

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