Green Lantern Classics Wave 2: B’Dg, Despotellis, and Dex-Starr by Mattel

It’s been a little while since I last looked at Mattel’s Green Lantern Classics. We last left off with Skallox/Nite-Lik and Medphyll/Naut Kei Loi and that leaves four more releases plus the C&C Stel figure. Apart from the aforementioned combo figures, I felt this to be a fairly underwhelming, rag-tag assortment of figures leading up to one incredible Collect & Connect, Stel. As a result, I’m going to try to rocket through these pretty quickly, partly because I’ve got so much other stuff to look at, and partly because a lot of these figures just don’t invoke a lot of excitement in me. Today we’re going to kick things off with this curious little three pack that I like to call Green Lantern Critters.

As odd as this three pack is, Mattel still managed to maintain the standard style of packaging. You get all three characters: B’Dg, Despotellis and Dex-Starr staggered on the card as if they’re fighting. Well, B’Dg and Dex-Starr are fighting, Despotellis is just kind of sitting there and trying to look as interesting as a translucent yellow plastic virus can look. As one might expect, Mattel chose to include Stel’s massive torso piece in with these little guys to kind of balance out the plastic content.
Ok, so B’Dg and Dex-Starr both feature excellent sculpts and paintwork, particularly for the tiny little figures they are. I was also happy to see that the figures actually do feature a respectable five points of articulation, with swivels in the shoulders, hips, heads and tails. Sure there’s not a lot of great poseability here, but its better than just getting completely static hunks of plastic. Dex-Starr also comes with a translucent red energy blast that can plug into his mouth. Nice effect.
And then there’s Despotellis. He’s crap. I can appreciate that there’s not a lot Mattel could possibly do with translating this character to plastic form, but maybe that means they shouldn’t have attempted it, eh? Seriously, he looks like a gummi candy. End of story.
I wanted to like these figures, I really did. Actually it would be fair to say that I really like B’Dg and Dex-Starr, but in the end these three figures don’t add up to one regular Classics figure, at least as far as I’m concerned. These guys would have been better bundled with a regular figure, or possibly this should have been a four-pack with something else included to give it more weight. Or maybe swap out Despotellis for a better and more substantial figure. I’ll freely admit that I’m really glad Mattel got these figures out to the fans, and I’m happy to have them, or at least two of them, but I don’t think this was the best way to do it, especially not at fifteen bucks the the three of them.

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