Green Lantern Classics Wave 2: Green Lantern G’Hu by Mattel

So, I still haven’t seen last year’s Green Lantern movie all the way through and at this point its doubtful I ever will. It can join the ranks of Ghost Rider as movies where I absolutely love the property, but simply can’t make it through the Hollywood movie treatment without wandering off to do dishes or clean out the grout in my bathtub for want of something more interesting to do. Needless to say, I didn’t collect the movie line of figures, but thanks to Mattel sneaking one into the Green Lantern Classics, I had to buy one in order to complete my C&C Stel figure. Mattel may be bastards, but they’re pretty good at forcing me to buy stuff I don’t really want.

Same packaging as last time. Its basically the DC Universe Classics style only given the lime slushy treatment. G’Hu sports something of a slight build so he’s packaged in a dorky action pose to help him fill out the card a little better. You’ll note the sticker on the bubble that reads“Sneak Peek Movie Figure!” so at least Mattel is announcing their chicanery to the buyer, because just one look at the figure inside and you can tell he doesn’t belong in this lineup.
One thing I did like about what I saw of the movie was the way it emphasized the alien nature of the Green Lantern Corps and that aspect of the movie seemed to work its way into the figures really nicely. Thus far, even the alien Lanterns we got as figures still tended to be rather humanoid, but the movie figures introduced some really wild looking aliens. I applaud that and just wish they were better figures because once I got this guy in hand it just felt like total crap to me. The sculpt is really soft, particularly in the face, which looks like it was modeled directly off of some really shoddy CG effects. Actually, I guess it was, so bravo, Mattel! The head includes a series of soft plastic tendrils that flow off the head and down the back like tentacle hair and G’Hu stands on two legs that terminate into a set of tripod feet. Surprisingly, he can stand pretty well. G’Hu has two fairly conventional arms and two smaller insect like arms coming off his shoulders.
I’m still on the fence over the reflective green used for the Lantern costumes in the movie. On the one hand, it has an ethereal look to it that emphasizes the alien nature, and that’s cool. On the other hand, it just looks junky on the figures. Even G’Hu’s flesh parts feature a purple glossy plastic that looks like it belongs on a My Little Pony figure. Either way, the glossy movie look makes this figure stick out like a sore thumb on my Green Lantern shelf, so he’s pretty useless you have other movie figures to display him with.

Due to his alien form, G’Hu’s articulation breaks from the normal DCUC formula, but then he isn’t a DCUC figure, he’s only packaged as one, so this deviation shouldn’t be surprising. He has a ball jointed neck, and ball joints in the shoulders and a ball joint in the torso. I don’t even know how to describe the joints used in his hips, elbows and knees. In fairness, you can get him into a fair number of poses and even his little insect arms move about a little bit.
Ultimately, it all comes down to me not liking this figure, and not liking the fact that I had to buy it to complete my Stel, and not liking the fact that its packaged in this line at all. If I wanted to collect the Green Lantern movie figures I would have done so. I can sort of understand the thinking here as being, “Hey, let’s get them to buy one movie figure and they’ll love it and buy the rest of the line.” But this figure is so crappy it would have convinced me against buying any more even if I was interested. There’s a reason those figures are rotting on the pegs and being clearanced out everywhere, Mattel. Nobody wanted them.

And remember kids, No G’News is good G’News without Gary G’Hu.

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