Kre-O Transformers: Bumblebee by Hasbro, Part 2

Back again, with the second part of my look at Kre-O Bumblebee. So, enough with admiring the car mode. Time to bust it down and build the robot. Looking at Bumblebee’s robot mode from the boxart it seemed to use a lot of the pre-assembled car bits, so when I broke down the car mode, I left some parts together, particularly the front bumper and the doors. I’m not sure if that helped or hurt in the end, but breaking these models down after you build them is a pain in the arse. Once again, I recommend having a razor blade (be careful!) or some thin utensil that you can use to pry the stubborn bricks apart.

Once built, Bumblebee’s robot mode is absolutely fantastic. The final build in my hand looks tons better than what’s on the front of the box. His proportions are excellent and the car kibble is all strategically placed very well. Keep in mind there are A LOT of parts left over after his robot mode is built and as with Megatron, I tried to incorporate some of the more car kibbly bits onto him to make the transforming illusion look more plausible. For example, none of the wheel wells  are used on the official build, whereas I found places to put them on his legs, as it just makes sense that they would be visible on his robot mode if he were a real Transformer. There’s no doubt Bumblebee is heavily influenced by the Bayformer version, but he’s still got a bit more blocky and appealing G1 feel to me. The head certainly helps as its sculpted to look just like his G1 animated version.
Bumblebee sports excellent articulation with ball joints in his neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and ankles. He’s a solid enough figure, and holds positions very nicely. But he is still a building set so if you play around with him long enough, bits are bound to fall off.
I bought this set at the regular retail price of $24.99. Now, wait. Megatron was $29.99, but he had 25 less pieces. That’s weird. Either way, you can’t really touch a Lego set with 300+ pieces at this price range, let alone a set that is designed to build two different things, so once again I’m going to have to say these Kre-O sets are an amazing deal.  I’m every bit as impressed with Bumblebee as I was Megatron, and I’m anxious to check out the next one. I’m going to take a break to look at a few other things and then in a few days, we’ll check out Kre-O Sideswipe.

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