Thundercats: 4-inch Series: Claudus by Ban Dai

It’s been years since the Walmarts in my area have opened up the books and allowed in a new non “movie-of-the-month” toyline into their action figure aisles. And yet here they are… Thundercats. So during my last excursion for alcohol groceries, I picked up one of the newer releases in the 4-inch line. Yep, its Lion-O’s dead father, King Claudus. Why’d he get a figure? Well, he did come back for a flashback episode, and honestly I’m about five episodes behind so maybe he was in the show again? Either way, I was pretty glad to see Ban Dai gave him the figure treatment, so let’s check him out.

There’s the modern Thundercats packaging. I love almost everything about these cards. The slightly modernized logo is awesome as is the fact that they actually personalize the cards with character artwork, rather than just go cheap and use a generic card with a printed insert under the bubble. Claudus is a big dude and he fills out his bubble quite nicely and there’s a small insert that reminds you about this line’s forgettable and overall poorly implemented action gimmick: The ThunderLynx. So what’s not to like about the packaging? The tri-lingual cards. I hate that shit.
Thus far, the 4-inch line has turned out some really great representations of their animated counterparts and Claudus here is no exception. The head sculpt is pretty awesome, complete with his insanely thick mane of hair and beard. The various layers of his outfit and shoulder armor are all sculpted too and sports just the right amount of detail to retain the animated look. His cape is soft, rubbery plastic that covers his ThunderLinx port, which is cool since I try to pretend those don’t exist anyway. I also really dig the way each figure in this line features a different build and body style. As already mentioned, Claudus is a pretty big and beefy dude that even makes Grune look like a tad wimpy by comparison.
Claudus features a respectable amount of articulation, and I was happy to see that his rubbery cape and skirt doesn’t really inhibit any of it. You get ball joints in the neck, shoulders and hips. He has hinged knees and elbows, and he has swivels in his wrists. He doesn’t have any articulation in his torso or ankles.

You don’t get a lot of accessories with Claudus. In fact all you get is the Sword of Omens and its the same one that came with the Basic 4-inch Lion-O figure. Honestly, I can’t think of anything else he should have come with, so I’m not going to complain. Plus, if you happened to lose Lion-O’s sword now you have a backup!
Claudus ran me $7.99 at Walmart and while he doesn’t quite measure up in terms of poseability and accessories, he’s still a pretty cool addition to this line of figures. He’s probably not a “must own” figure, but I’m trying to support this line as best I can, so he was a definite buy for me. Besides which, he’s friggin Lion-O’s dad and that right there means I had to have him in my collection.

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