Marvel Universe: Storm by Hasbro

When I first saw the breakdown of this newest wave of Marvel Universe figures, I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the roster. Psylocke was a good pick, Iron Fist and Shadowlands Daredevil were easy passes, and Marvel’s Patriot didn’t get me too excited. There was, however, one shining star in the batch and that was Storm. Sure, she’s basically the same figure that was released in that TRU exclusive X-Men set, but I wasn’t about to buy the whole set for just two figures in the set that I needed (Storm and Nightcrawler). Let’s check her out!

Yesterday, we saw the subtle changes made to this wave’s Marvel Universe packaging with Psylocke. Storm also comes with one of those ridiculous little “Collectible Comic Shot.” I’m much happier with Storm’s character art than I was with Psylocke’s questionable portrait. The back of the card features the usual little bio-blurb and our new friend Deadpool with a unique quote for this cardback: “Fetch me a churro.” Oh, Deadpool, don’t ever stop being you!
Out of the package, we find that Storm uses the same basic body as yesterday’s figure, Psylocke, and uses only paintwork to make up her costume and skintones. She does, however, have a newly sculpted cape, which goes a long way to make her costume more unique. Storm’s headsculpt really is fantastic, and I have to say one of the better ones Hasbro has churned out in this line, particularly from the female side. They really captured Ororo’s characteristic beauty, her long mane of white hair, and her trademark headdress. Storm is definitely one of those figures that gets away with heavy reuse and yet still manages to pull it off without me giving it a second thought.
Articulation? Dejas Vous! Storm shares the same body as Psylocke so articulation is identical. You get ball jointed neck, shoulders, and hips. You get hinges in the elbows, knees, and ankles, and you get a ball joint in the torso.

Storm comes with two soft plastic lighting pieces that clip onto her wrists and make for a pretty decent effect. I don’t usually display my MU figures with these energy pieces, but Storms look good enough for me to make an exception.
Storm set me back $15 shipped. Again, its pretty damn steep for a 3 3/4″ figure that reuses a standard body, but considering how many figures in this wave I’m passing on, I’m still coming out ahead of the game. Psylocke was an ok figure, but Storm is pretty fantastic. She’s a great addition to my MU X-Men shelf and I’m so happy that I didn’t have to buy the TRU exclusive set to get her. I’m also pretty plesed to finally be able to take that terrible Secret Wars Storm off my table as a placeholder in my collection.

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