Marvel Universe: Psylocke by Hasbro

I had other plans for today but seeing as how I’m gearing up for a very special Marvel Legends Week (starting next week… spoilers!) I wanted to get these two Marvel Universe figures out of the way sooner rather than later so that y’all aren’t all too marveled out. I’m opting not to pick up this wave in its entirety. In fact, the only figures I am picking up are the two ladies in the assortment: Psylocke and Storm. We’ll check out Psylocke today and Storm tomorrow.

Looks like the standard Marvel Universe packaging. But wait! We’ve got some new design elements here. The front of the package now boasts a “Collectible Comic Shot” where the SHIELD logo used to be, but more on that in a minute. My favorite change to the package features Deadpool on the cardback making a random wise-ass comment for each figure in the wave. In this case: “What am I? Leftovers?” No doubt referring to the fact that he hasn’t seen a single carded release since the Wolverine Origins line. I love it. Sorry, but to me Deadpool is like bacon, in that he makes everything better. Ok, except for Wolverine: Origins. Moving on… Psylocke’s character art on the front of the card is downright terrible. Not sure what happened here, but I’m just not digging it.
The “Collectible Comic Shot” has to be one of the most worthless ideas ever because all it is is a tiny little cardboard insert with some miniscule character art on it. WTF Hasbro? Is this supposed to make up for the fact that you aren’t including figure stands in the packages anymore? I seriously don’t care about the lack of stands because I prefer to use generic clear stands, but to call attention to these cards as if they’re some kind of cool collectible is ridiculous.
Moving on to the figure, Psylocke is basically one big kitbash and while part of me thinks the character deserves better, ultimately I think the final result works pretty well. You get the same generic female MU body that was used for Ms. Marvel, so Psylocke doesn’t benefit from any of the newer points of articulation. And speaking of Ms Marvel, you also get a straight reuse of the modern Ms Marvel’s red sash. The only thing new here is the head, which at first I thought was going to be a resculpt of Jean Gray, but happily that’s not the case. The paintwork is overall good on my figure. There’s not much slop or bleeding as is sometimes the case with the MU line. However, the paint used for her lower legs doesn’t look the same as the rest of her costume. Close, but not quite.
Psylocke comes with a couple of translucent purple accessories. First you get a web of psychic energy that clips nicely onto her wrists. The effect is pretty good, and let’s be honest, its a huge plus that we just didn’t get that stupid energy funnel that comes with every other Iron Man and Spider-Man figure in the Marvel Universe. She also comes with an energy katana construct, which she can hold nicely in her left hand.
Articulation includes a ball jointed neck, ball joints in the shoulders and hips, hinges in the elbows, knees, and ankle, and a ball joint in the torso. She has serviceable poseability, but I really wish Hasbro would get more consistant in using the extra articulation that they’ve been adding to the line every now and again.
Psylocke seems to be one of the harder figures in this wave to find. I wound up picking her up online for about $15 with shipping. Its kind of steep for what she is, but considering I’m only picking up two figures in this assortment, I was willing to splurge rather than worry about missing out on her. She’s not going to blow anyone away, and you diehard Psylocke fans would probably be justified in complaining about the reuse of parts, but in the end I’m happy with how she turned out.

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