Marvel Legends: Extremis Iron Man by Hasbro

Welcome to Day Two of Marvel Legends Week. This time we’re checking out a character that has had no shortage of figures recently, and in just about every scale imaginable. Yes, its Iron Man, and I’ll bet you’re wondering what makes the Marvel Legends version so special that you should buy yet another Iron Man figure? Well, the answer is… really nothing, apart from getting Terrax’s right leg in the package.

Once again, the new Marvel Legends packaging. I’m still digging it. It’s cluttered, colorful, loud, and sort of obnoxious… just like any good action comic. Notice the bubble is actually deep enough to allow Iron Man to be packaged with his forearms facing outward. That’s pretty cool. The reverse of the card features a big piece of character art and shows off the BAF, Terrax, and the other figures in this wave.
In hand, Iron Man seems a little underwhelming. Its cool that he is a brand new sculpt, seeing as how there are a fair share of 6-inch Iron Man figures that Hasbro could have repacked for Marvel Legends. What’s not so cool is that the sculpt is a little bland. I realize that this is supposed to be the Extremis armor from the comics and not the film, and I suppose that could account for the fact that this 6-inch figure sports less sculpted detail than some of the 3 3/4″ Iron Man 2 figures. But that still leaves the figure wanting for some added panel lines. I’ll also take a little umbrage with the coloring on the arc reactor and the repulsor emitter on his open hand. They just look white and bland and I think some color was needed here. It almost looks like the armor isn’t even active.  All that having been said, the rest of the sculpt and coloring here is competant enough. But at $17.99 a figure, I want more than competant.
Like the sculpt, the paintwork is passable. I’ve already commented on the bland, white arc reactor and repulsor emitter. The rest of the figure’s paint job gets by but it isn’t particularly excellent either. I rather preferred the high gloss, new car shine look to the 3 3/4″ Iron Man 2 figures. This one just seems dull by comparison.

Another bone to pick with Extremis Iron Man is in the scale. He’s tiny. I don’t mind him being smaller than the Thor in this assortment, but put him next to Steve Rogers and he still looks tiny by comparison. He’s not even much bulkier than Hope Summers. If you’ve ever listened to the fine folks over at Fwooshcast, podcast host Craig has often made the great point that as a dude in armor, Iron Man should be at least a bit bulkier than most of his fellow superheroes. In this case, he’s actually smaller. It never bugged me so much on the smaller figures, but it sure does put me off on this one. On the other hand, this Iron Man is sized fairly well when placed next to Hasbro’s 6-inch Captain America and Thor from their respective movie lines, so at least he does have a place in my Marvel display.
Iron Man’s articulation is passable, but once again, it’s really nothing special. He has ball joints in the neck, shoulders, and hips. His shoulder armor is hinged so as not to impede the arm movement. He has double hinges in his elbows and knees. His wrists and ankles both feature hinges and swivels, and he has swivels in the biceps and thighs. He also features a ball joint in the torso. It sounds good, but the ball joints at the hips are terrible and beyond being able to achieve a wide stance, they don’t allow for much movement otherwise.
So far, the new Marvel Legends is one for two. This Iron Man is an ok figure. He looks good on the shelf and he’s fun to fiddle about with, but I don’t find him to be any great leap over past 6-inch Iron Man figures. His scale puts him at home with other 6-inch Hasbro figures in my collection, but he looks way too small to stand in this lineup with the Marvel Legends. I get that Hasbro wants to capitalize on the Avengers as much as possible, but I feel like this figure probably shouldn’t have been included in this initial assortment. At $17.99, this figure is coming pretty close to the price of a Marvel Select, and doesn’t match up. I’ve certainly had to buy worse figures to complete a C&C/BAF, but the only reason I can really recommend him is so you can complete your Terrax, otherwise he’s an easy pass.

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