Marvel Legends: Constrictor by Hasbro

Its day three of Marvel Legends Week and this time we’re looking at Constrictor! He’s another character in this initial wave that also had a recent release in the 3 3/4″ Marvel Universe line. I’m a little surprised that Hasbro has been double dipping as much as they have in this first assortment, but I happen to love Constrictor, so I’m not complaining. And as an aside disclaimer, forgive me folks, but my time spent boozing at the Pub yesterday and today reading books to orphaned kittens cut into my editorial duties, so if this one feels like a quickie, that’s why. Nonetheless, I’ll try to give Constrictor his due.

The new Marvel Legends packaging is still appealing to me, and I’m particularly happy with Constrictor’s character art, both front and back. The bundle includes Terrax’s torso piece, which is proudly displayed on the bubble next to the figure.
So far, with Ghost Rider and Iron Man, we’ve seen some figures that rely on some pretty specific sculpting. Constrictor, on the other hand, is one of those figures we all new was coming. He gets by with a standard body and a costume executed strictly with paintwork. Now, clearly this works for some characters, and I do believe this figure proves that Constrictor is one of them. The paintwork is nice and clean with no real bleeding or smudging and there is some unique tooling used for Constrictor’s adamantium whips, which are cast in soft, bendy grey plastic. I think they look a lot better than the translucent gummi worms that we saw on the 3 3/4″ Marvel Universe version of the character.
Of course, the head sculpt is brand new, and I’ve got to say it is pretty darn awesome. Constrictor sports a maniacal grimace with a prominant chin that would make even Bruce Campbell envious. The detailed sculpting in the teeth is exceptionally well done and overall this is a head sculpt that is brimming with character. He’s one twisted looking dude.
Articulation? Wow! Constrictor sports some seriously nice poseability. You get ball joints in the neck, shoulders, and hips. The elbows and knees are all double jointed. You get swivels in the biceps, forearms, lower legs, and waist. The ankles feature both hinges and swivels. The torso has a ratcheting hinge and hinges in the shoulders to allow for the arms to crunch together or apart. I haven’t seen those shoulder crunches since one of my older 6-inch movie Spider-Man figures, and I really dig them.
No doubt about it, Constrictor is a great looking figure and he’s amazingly fun to play around with. I’ve had him on my desk since I got this wave and I’m constantly picking him up and posing him. The 3 3/4″ Universe was a perfectly fine figure, but this ML version really turns things up a notch. If we’re keeping score, Constrictor definitely lands in the plus column, which currently puts the first wave of Marvel Legends figures at two out of three.

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