Marvel Legends: Hope Summers by Hasbro

Yep, as we’ve seen there are quite a few figures in the initial wave of Marvel Legends that have recently appeared in Marvel Universe. Technically Hope Summers is one of them, but the last time we saw her she was an itty bitty baby attached to Cable. Well, Hope is all growed up and looking pretty damn fine. Let’s check her out on this fourth day of Marvel Legends week.

Bam… Marvel Legends packaging. I’m still digging the overall design of the card in all its obnoxious action-packed comic book glory. I’m not all that keen on the character art on this one. Its not terrible, but I’m not sure it quite does the lovely Hope justice. Hope comes with Terrax’s head and Morg’s axe, both of which are displayed to the left of the figure.
Out of package, and the first thing that strikes me about the figure is the overall excellent head sculpt. Hasbro’s sculptors sometimes have their issues with the ladies, but Hope here is absolutely gorgeous. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say this is one of the best female head sculpts I’ve seen Hasbro turn out in a long while. Ok, maybe that’s a loaded compliment, but I can’t understate just what a great job they did with her. Raaawr!!!
Hope’s body is a nice mix of generic female body, painted costume, and some original tooling. The unique sculpted parts include the armor on her lower legs and forearms, and the cloak that hangs around her neck. The cloak looks good, but it is sculpted in a windblown configuration, which means she takes up more room on the shelf and it can interfere with some poses. Fortunately, the cloak is removable, all you need to do is pop off her head and lift it off from around her neck. The paintwork is a little inconsistant on my figure. The face is perfect, but there’s a wee bit of slop along the yellow striping on her green costume.
The articulation here is pretty solid, but missing a few key points. You get ball joints in the neck, shoulders, and hips. The knees are double-hinged, but the elbows only have a single hinge. The wrists and ankles feature both hinges and swivels. Hope also has a ball joint in her torso. Besides the conspicuous absense of the double joints in the elbows, I really miss the swivel in the bicep. These two points are primarily to blame for Hope not being able to hold her gun as well as I’d like.

And looky here… accessories! Well, one anyway. Hope comes with her big gun. It looks nice, but I do wish she held it better. Her hands are sculpted so that she can grip the handle with her right hand and cradle the stock in her left hand, but unfortunately she’s prone to dropping it.
I’m counting Hope Summers as another big win for this inaugural wave of Marvel Legends. The figure has a few minor issues, and articulation should have been better. My guess is that Hasbro needed to cut back a few things in order to cost out the extra tooling on figures like Ghost Rider, Thor, and Steve Rogers. The only thing that concerns me is this Hope Summers body will likely be repurposed for more female figures down the line, which means a lot of Marvel chicks may be missing these extra bits of articulation. That having been said I’m really smitten with the head sculpt and the overall look of the figure. She’s certainly a solid representation of the character and I’m glad she got a slot in this initial wave.

Who’s next? …It’s Klaw!!! Er… I mean… MARVEL’S Klaw!!!

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