Marvel Legends: Build-A-Figure: Terrax

Sometimes I have to swallow some pretty bad figures in order to build a Collect & Connect, Build-A-Figure, or whatever you want to call these things. Hell, just look at the unspeakable depravities I had to purchase to complete my Hall of Justice. [Oh yes! Its finally complete. But more on that next week! -FF] But I’m happy to say that I didn’t make out too badly on the road to completing Terrax. His parts were spread out over six figures in Marvel Legends first wave of seven figures. As we’ve seen not all of them gems, but the great definitely outweighed the mediocre. So let’s see what we got…

If you’ve ever assembled a C&C figure from DC Universe Classics, you’ll be right at home snapping together Terrax. The head and pelvis plug into the torso and the arms and legs plug into that. The only thing that’s a little more complex here is attaching the soft rubber pieces of his garment together, which plugs in by the front belt buckle. His socket joints are nice and solid and he holds together great. In terms of size, he’s not one of the biggest BAFs/C&Cs we’ve seen, but he’s not small either. He easily stands shoulder to shoulder with C&C Darkseid from DCUC.
The sculpt here is pretty solid, with a lot of original sculpting and extra bits. The soft plastic chest armor and skirt are worn on top of Terrax’s body, which gives the figure some cool extra depth and complexity. His gauntlets and boots feature unique sculpting and the buck has good sculpted muscles.

Of course, the head sculpt is where a lot of the figure’s character lies. If there’s one common theme to the new Marvel Legends figures, it would be the excellent head sculpts, and Terrax is no exception. Its wonderfully detailed and he looks royally pissed.
Terrax’s articulation is pretty consistant with what I’ve come to expect from the line. You get ball joints in the neck, shoulders and hips. The arms feature swivels in the biceps, hinges in the elbows, and the wrists have hinges and swivels. The legs feature double-hinged knees and the ankles have hinges and swivels. The torso swivels at the waist and features an ab crunch hinge. Thanks to the softer separate armor, he can still work his chest articulation pretty well.

Terrax also comes with Morg’s axe, which is as tall as most of the packaged figures in the line and actually comes in two pieces by itself. He can hold it in his right hand.
I can’t say as Terrax was top of my list for possible Build-A-Figures, nonetheless, when I heard it was going to be him, my reaction was, “ok, that’s cool.” When I actually saw him I was more excited, and now that I have him in hand, I’m pretty damn satisfied with him. He’s a great looking figure that really captures the spirit of the character and makes for a mighty nice treat for completing my collection of this assortment.

Marvel Legends: Epilogue:

And that wraps up the first wave of the new Marvel Legends. If Marvel figures aren’t your thing, than I appreciate your patience and indulgence. Its been a fun ride, and there’s no doubt that Hasbro put up a good showing with this initial assortment.

In the end, there were only two figures here that I wouldn’t outright recommend and those were Iron Man and Klaw. Besides his scale issues, Iron Man just paled in comparison to the other figures in this line and frankly should have had more attention paid to sculpt and paintwork. Klaw just looked too inconsistant with his cartoony paintjob. Neither of those figures are terrible, but considering the price tag, they just aren’t worth the money.

But let’s not go out on a negative bent because all the other figures were at the worst very solid and worthwhile efforts, and at the best superb. Wave 2 is already starting to turn up at retail and I’ve already got it pre-ordered, because I’m really excited to build my Arnim Zola figure.

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