Masters of the Universe Classics: Sorceress by Mattel

This is it! I have here before me what I consider to be the last “must have” figure in my MOTUC collection. Check, please! I’m punching out. Now, I’m not saying this will necessarily be the last MOTUC figure you see featured here. It won’t be. There are plenty of deals out there on the second hand market, and there are figures that I would be willing to pick up by means other than Matty Collector if the price is right. It is also very possible when Ram Man is finally released I’ll go for him if he’s done right. But all that having been said, if I never do buy another MOTUC figure, I’ll happily stand with what I currently have.

There’s that great MOTUC packaging. It hasn’t changed much, but then it doesn’t have to because it still looks great. The reverse of the card actually has a 30th Anniversary logo on it, so there’s something a little different. Apart from that, you pretty much know what to expect here, bio and all.
I really like how Sorceress’ head sculpt turned out. She’s pretty and the paintwork on her face is sharp and clean. Her iconic headdress is executed really well too. The fringe is soft plastic so as not to inhibit the head movement too badly. This is definitely the Filmation style head that I was looking for on this figure.

As for the body… there’s not a lot to say here. As with previous female figures, Sorceress’ outfit is separately sculpted and permanently attached to the figure body. The skirt portion has some sculpted feathers as does the fringe around the tops of her boots. The outfit is painted in the familiar white and blue deco.
Ok, let’s talk wings. So, Mattel went with a design that allows her wings to fold with her arms. Put her arms up and the wings fan out to show off her… um, plumage. It looks rather good from the front, apart from the gap between the backpiece and the rest of the wings, but all in all its ok. Turn her around, though, and its a different story. You get these two giant hinges on shoulders, which are downright f’ugly. Honestly, I’m not sure there’s a better design they could have done so I’m not going to complain too much here.

The articulation is about what we’ve come to expect from the females of the MOTUC line. Sorceress has ball joints in the neck, shoulders, and hips. The arms have hinged elbows, and swivels in the biceps and wrists. The legs feature hinges in the knees and ankles and swivels just above the boots. She swivels at the waist.
Sorceress comes with her staff, which is cast in a really purdy pearl finish. She also comes with her falcon form. Yep, we’ve seen this bird before. Its a cool little sculpt with hinged wings. This is my favorite paint job of them all, with a rainbow finish on the wings to match those of the Sorceress. You also get the amazing little battle harness, which outfits the bird with bombs, a big gun, and rear spoilers. I can’t decide whether its ridiculous or awesome, but if you don’t like it you can just pop it off. You also get the perch, which you can clip her feet onto.
And there you have it. Its been a rough ride at times, it’s nice to go out with a bang, and I think Mattel did a fine job with Sorceress. But then the quality of the MOTUC figures have never been anything less than excellent. While I know there have been more than a few cases of QC issues, I can honestly say I’ve never experienced them with any of the MOTUC figures I purchased. I’d like to say I’m bailing on the line out of principal due to some of the shady things the Matty-Digital River union has pulled over the years, but the truth is I’ve really got everything was looking to get, and the characters being offered this year just don’t impress me.

Ah, but make no mistake, I’m sure you’ll see some MOTUC figures here on FigureFan again.

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