Resident Evil 5: Executioner Majini by NECA

A little while ago I took a look at NECA’s Sheva Alomar figure from their Resident Evil 5 series and was pleasantly surprised. I got her as a stand alone figure because I liked the game and I wanted to see how far NECA’s stuff had come since the last time I bought one of their products. Well, I thought she looked kind of lonely on the shelf, and so when I stumbled across this brute from the same series, I thought I’d give her something to spar with. I actually picked up this figure quite a few weeks ago, but I’m only now getting a chance to open him up and see what he’s all about.


As a rule, NECA’s sculpts are genuinely excellent and this big guy is no exception. Considering he’s just a deranged giant in ratty clothes with a potato sack over his head NECA had quite the challenge to make him into a visually appealing figure and I think they hit the nail right on the head. Heh, see what I did there? He has nails in his head. Ahem… moving on. This sculpt shows off an amazing array of textures from the coarse material of his head sack and the frayed fabric of his smock to the unbelievably realistic woodgrain of is axe-hammer. Even his Big & Tall Wranglers, which are mostly covered by his smock, are really nicely detailed. The nails hammered throughout his head are soft plastic, and unfortunately bendy, but overall they do look really nice, as do the two massive nails criss-crossing his back. He’s also stitched up all over the place.

The paint apps on this figure are pretty drab, but thankfully he’s spattered with enough blood to add some color. The figure actually photographs a lot brighter than he really is. I think my favorite thing about this figures paint is his gloves. They look red, but upon closer inspection, you can see that they’re actually black and are just caked over with a ton of blood.

My biggest issue with NECA has been their inconsistent articulation. Sheva overcame that problem and for the most part the Executioner does too. I’ll point out right away that he is completely static from the waist down, which doesn’t really concern me much with this figure. His legs are sculpted to provide a stance that gives him the best possibile chance of remaining upright while hefting his huge axe. Sure, leg articulation would have allowed for a bit more dynamic posing, but I don’t know that the joints would have held up under the weight of his weapon. From the waist up his articulaton is quite good. He can rotate at the torso, he has ball joints for shoulders, swivel cuts in the biceps, hinged elbows and swivel wrists. His arm articulation allows him to hold the pole of his weapon with both hands, which makes me happy.


The Executioner’s primary accessory is his big honkin axe-hammer thing, which is an amazing sculpt all on its own. Its actually taller than the figure and comes packaged in two pieces. The weapon has a huge blood spattered axe on one side and a giant meat-tenderizer on the other with sculpted chains wrapped around the whole thing. Its extremely top heavy, but you can still get the figure to hold it in a number of different poses. He also comes with three bloody meat hooks that are stored through the belt loops on the back of his pants. These are really cool extras, but unfortunately he can’t hold them because they’re too thin for his grasp.




NECA has really won me over with these Resident Evil figures, so much so that I’m sure I’ll be picking up Chris Redfield before long. The sculpting and paintwork on display here is absolutely top notch and this dude makes one impressive display piece on my shelf. I’m also really hoping to see a second series which includes everyone’s favorite mutant bastard, Wesker. Either way, this is a great figure whether you are a fan of the game, or even if you just collect horror-themed figures.





2 comments on “Resident Evil 5: Executioner Majini by NECA

  1. I actually got one of these guys recently. I’ve only played a little of the RE games, but I couldn’t pass up adding another freak to my collection (especially as I got him at a great price).

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