Kre-O Transformers: Sideswipe by Hasbro

Oh look, its more Kre-O!! I can’t get enough of these sets. This time around its Sideswipe, another Autobot and another Sportscar to boot. I was really curious to see whether this one is designed differently than Bumbebee and I was happy to see that Sideswipe’s car and robot mode are significantly unique from his Autobot brother. Unlike Megatron and Bumblebee, I’m going to do my best to get through this set in just one part…

Kre-O boxes equals awesome. The set comes in the same style of box-slash-carry case we saw with the last two sets. Inside you get an instruction booklet, a sticker sheet, a bunch of unnumbered baggies of bricks, and two bagged Kreon figures. The set includes 220 pieces, which makes it the smallest of all the Kre-O sets I’ve looked at so far, but it still pretty sizeable.

The Kreons include a generic human Driver and Sideswipe. The Driver is a repaint of the one that came with Bumblebee and is basically just someone to sit in the car. Kreon Red Alert is just as adorable as the other Transformer Kreons we’ve seen. He comes with a big gun.
Sideswipe’s sportscar mode is a satisfying build and while in prinicipal its similar to Bumblebee’s there are more than enough differences to make it fun and unique. Its a little smaller than Bumblebee, but not as much as you might think considering this set has about a hundred less pieces. Overall I think this car mode looks better than Bumblebees, but the boxy slab of a roof is still a sticking point for me. Once again, you can leave the roof off and Sideswipe looks much better as a convertible. In retrospect, I should have left the door stickers off, as I think they look like crap, but I can always peel them off if they bother me too much. For some reason, Sideswipe only has a drivers seat, which is odd since there is plenty of room for a passenger seat, it just isn’t part of the build. The only thing I’m not too keen on with the car mode is the grey wheel well pieces. I really wish these parts were painted red.
And then there’s the robot mode and it is pretty sweet. He’s cetainly very distinct from Bumblebee and surprisingly enough the build for his arms and legs are particularly complex. I wasn’t sure about the zig-zag configuration on his legs, but they work really well in person and I really dig the hinged armor on his forearms. About my only complaint here is that his head should have been black instead of red. As it is, its giving me more of a Red Alert vibe than Sideswipe. He stands just a bit shorter than Bumblebee, but for a 220 piece set he’s plenty big. Once again there were a number of pieces left off of his robot mode so I tried to find some places to stick them. I like the way his windshield pieces look behind his head. I was a little disappointed that Hasbro didn’t throw in a missile for his gun, it doesn’t seem like it would have broken the bank and it would have helped the gun look more convincing.
As an action figure, Sideswipe is really solid and features a great level of articulation. You get ball joints in the head, shoulders, elbows, and hips. The knees are hinged, and the wrists swivel. As always with these sets, you get some bits falling off as you play around with him, but he’s still fun to pose.
I believe the suggested retail on Sideswipe is about $20. I got my set for sixteen and change. Once again, I’ll point out that you couldn’t touch a Lego set with this number of pieces at the same price, once again proving these Kre-O’s are an awesome value. Seriously, 220 pieces, two toys to build and two minifigs all for under $20. You can’t beat that, folks! In the end, I like Sideswipe’s car mode better than Bumblebees, and while his robot mode is still excellent, Bumblebee is still my favorite.

[Just a heads up, I’ll be taking tomorrow off. Its been a crazy couple of weeks at work and trying to juggle that and keeping up with Figurefan and my excessive drinking other lifestyle commitments has really tuckered me out. I’ll be back on Thursday with some more goodies. -FF]