DC Universe Classics Wave 17: Orange Lantern Lex Luthor by Mattel

I’ve made no bones about how underwhelmed I was by this assortment of figures, but there was one that stood out as particularly offensive. Yes, its Orange Lantern Lex Luthor and as much as I loved the idea of Lex Luthor taking up the Orange Lantern of Greed, I really had to plug my nose as I bought this figure soley to get at one of the Anti-Monitor’s C&C pieces. Ugh, let’s check him out. I’ll be as brief as possible.

The same old DC Universe Classics packaging and Lex stands beneath the bubble in all his orange ice pop horror. He’s posed clutching the Lantern in one arm, because remember kids, the Lantern of Greed has no handle, and waving his other fist in the air in all his orangey triumph. Ugh.
Out of the package and what have we got. Its the same Power Armor Lex Luthor that has been released before only all the armor is molded in translucent orange plastic. Everything except his head, which is the regular head stuck atop this orange icee abomination. Now, in fairness, Mattel has invested some new sculpting into this guy. His chest armor and belt are new to incorporate the Orange Lantern emblem and the configuration of his collar is a bit different. I’m pretty fond of the original sculpt, and this one is pretty impressive too. But this figure is still a piece of shit.
I know from personal acquaintances that there are collectors out there who have a fetish for translucent plastic figures. I don’t get it, but I don’t begrudge it either. If you’re one of those people than this figure will be right up your alley. I honestly a cannot stand this thing and it’ll be the first figure to get pitched into a random junk tote when I run out of space on my Green Lantern shelf. I could see releasing this as part of a niche multipack, but to make me buy it to complete an Anti-Monitor figure is just pure cruelty. I got this one for about seven bucks and even then I was considering buying the C&C part alone for the same price just out of principal. Few of the figures in this wave really stand out for me, but Orangey Lex is without a doubt the worst this wave has to offer.

Tomorrow… Blue Lantern Flash!

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