DC Universe Classics Wave 17: Blue Lantern Flash by Mattel

Pressing on to Day Three of this look at DC Universe Classics Wave 17, let’s check out Blue Lantern Flash! I should be able to knock this one out pretty quickly, in a flash one might say, as he is basically just a repaint. Lets go!

Standard DCUC packaging! Barry looks great in the package, although I’m not sure what Mattel was going for with the pose. He doesn’t look like he’s running. Actually he just looks like he’s humping the air. He’s holding up the Blue Lantern of Hope. That’s all I’ve got, let’s get him out of the package and see what we’ve got…
Yep, it’s a repaint of The Flash figure that we’ve seen before in this line. Actually, this version looks a tad taller, but the only other real difference in the sculpt is he’s missing the plug of plastic on the back where some of the figures have their cape attached. This is one of the simpler body sculpts that rely on paintwork for the costume, but he does still have the sculpted wings on his boots. The headsculpt still looks great.
I absolutely adore the paintwork on this figure. The blue and black motif on the outfit looks great and I really love the Flash’s lightning emblem over the Blue Lantern Corps emblem. I’m not quite as keen on the lightning stripes around his arms and waist, but its not bad. The paintwork is pretty solid too, without much slop or bleeding.
That’s really all I’ve got to say about Blue Lantern Flash. I’m usually pretty pissy about having to buy repaints to get C&C pieces, but in this case I just don’t mind. I love Barry Allen and I just love the way the deco of this costume looks on him. He’s a great addition to my Blackest Night shelf.

Tomorrow, we’ll get to one of my favorite figures in this assortment… Indigo Lantern Atom!

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