DC Universe Classics Wave 17: Collect & Connect Anti-Monitor by Mattel

And today is the payoff. After collecting the six figures of Wave 17, I can finally build the amazing Anti-Monitor C&C figure. There were only three figures in this wave that I would have bought otherwise: Scarecrow, The Atom, and Wonder Woman. I didn’t mind so much having to pick up The Flash. But Lex and Hal were only for the pieces. Was it worth it? Oh yeah! Obviously, Anti-Monitor is a character most fans and collectors are going to want to have in their collection, and Mattel did a bang up job with him.

Holy shit, that’s a nice looking figure! Putting him together is a little trickier than most C&C figures, mainly because of his soft rubbery cowl. It’s also rather difficult to get his domed head to peg in just right. The head and shoulders on mine still tend to pop off every now and then when I’m trying to pose his arms too high.
The sculpt is mighty nice with plenty of detail. You get all the various panel lines on his armor, along with the tiny little bolts at the corners of the plating. I really like the segmenting on his arms and legs and the hoses connecting the segments of his armor look great and really add a lot of depth and complexity to the sculpt. His domed head features stickers for the eyes and mouth. I wasn’t really sure about how good this would turn out. It the end it looks a tad cheesy, but I don’t think paint apps would have worked and I suppose the stickers give contribute to his comic bookish look.
The only thing I’m not too keen on here is the softgoods cape. Its definitely too big to have been executed in plastic, but it doesn’t hang very well on the figure. The better way to go here would have been to make it a little bigger and put the bendy wire in the edges like Mattel did with the C&C Trigon.

Anti-Monitor has a wonderful metallic blue and silver deco with some gold fringe. Even among a lot of brightly colored superhero figures, he still really pops on the shelf, particularly if you’ve got some nice lighting directed at him.

And there we go. Anti-Monitor is definitely one of my favorite C&C’s the DCUC line has produced. He’s a crucial and iconic character and a natural choice for the C&C gimmick. Its unfortunate that Matty decided to include him in this uneven and often underwhelming wave.
Its possible that this has been FigureFan’s last DCUC week. I’ve only got Wave 20 left to pick up, and I haven’t decided yet whether I’m going to get it all in one go or not. I do still have some assorted DCUC figures to grab from past waves, so either way you’ll certainly see plenty more from this line. And let’s not forget next month, when we’ll be looking at the very first figures from Matty Collectors’ Club Infinite Earth.

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