DC Universe Classics Wave 17: Sinestro Corps Scarecrow by Mattel

And here we go… its the last packaged figure of Wave 17, and its probably no surprise that it happens to be my favorite. Scarecrow being deputized into the Sinestro Corps is still one of my favorite concepts of Blackest Night and while I still wound up liking a number of figures in Wave 17, Scarecrow is the only one of the packaged figures that I was actually excited to own.

Say goodbye to the Wave 17 packaging. Granted it hasn’t changed much and we’ll see it again when I get around to looking at Wave 20. Scarecrow is packaged in a pretty neutral stance so no worries about joint deformities.
Out of the package, Scarecrow makes for the perfect Sinestro Corps agent. His main weapon has always been fear and he’s grotesque enough to hang with the freaks and oddities that make up this Corps. He’s based on a nice, lanky body that suits the character well. His high collared trench coat is molded in a separate piece of soft rubber and permanently attached. Look closely enough and you can see the individual stitches running all along its borders. Even the Sinestro Corps emblem on his chest is sculpted, rather than just tampo’d on. Impressive!
The headsculpt is not only great looking, but very cleverly executed. The bottom of Scarecrow’s, um… head bag and rope necktie are sculpted onto the body and even though the head sits on a ball joint, it looks like its all one piece. The head itself is damn creepy, with sunken, piercing eyes and the individually sculpted strings sewn over his mouth. I’m particularly fond of the way his wide brimmed hat hangs over his head and casts most of it in shadow. To really appreciate the work that went into the head you need to pick up the figure and get in pretty close.
Regular visitors to FigureFan may have noticed that I’ve omitted discussing articulation during this Wave 17 week. That’s because I’m being a lazy shit this week many of the figures in this assortment are repaints and resculpts and I think we all know what to expect by now. Scarecrow, on the other hand is one of those few DC Universe Classics figures that presents a pleasant departure when it comes to articulation. You still get the usual ball joints in the neck and shoulders, you get the universal movement in the hips, the swivels in the biceps, thighs, and wrists, and the hinges in the ankles. But you get DOUBLE hinges in the elbows and knees! We don’t see this a lot in DCUC, but when we do its always a treat.
While I’ve surely said my piece about being underwhelmed by this Blackest Night wave, that doesn’t change the fact that I love getting new figures to add to my Sinestro Corps ranks and apart from Akillo, Scarecrow here was tops on my list. Like Indigo Lantern Atom, Mattel really poured the love into this guy. Sure he stands out in what was a largely forgettable wave of figures, but Scarecrow is so wonderfully executed, he really stands out among all the figures on my Green Lantern/Blackest Night shelf.

And that wraps it up for the six packaged figures in Wave 17. Tomorrow we’ll finish it off with a look at the very reason I own most of these figures. And that’s Wave 17’s Collect & Connect figure: The Anti-Monitor!

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