Marvel Universe: Yellowjacket and Ant Man by Hasbro

Ah, Hank Pym… He’s one of my favorite Marvel characters because he’s probably one of Marvel’s most flawed and ultimately human constructs. Genius, tragic figure, hero, anti-hero, and quite possibly schizophrenic. How deeply disappointed I was to find he wouldn’t be playing a part in the Avengers film, but I suppose that goes without saying. He’s worn his share of alter-identities in his time, but Yellowjacket is one of my favorites, because I love the costume and its the way he appeared in the epic Marvel Civil War, one of my favorite comic book events of all time. So, let’s check out his Marvel Universe figure…

A cursory glance at the package will tell you that this guy isn’t exactly new. He’s from the Dark Reign inspired waves of Marvel Universe when Norman Osborne swept aside SHIELD and usurped the packages with his HAMMER emblem. The character artwork is decent enough and this release came from a time when you actually got a personalized stand and the envelope with a little collectible stat card and letter.
Yellowjacket’s costume is a combination of paintwork on a standard body, with some unique sculpting to form the shoulder pieces, and naturally a new head sculpt. I really dig the design of this outfit. Its fairly simple and yet very distinctive. The paintwork is overall pretty good, although the tampo for the Yellowjacket emblem on his chest is rather smudged. I’m also wondering how the figure would have looked with more of a traditional yellow, rather than the yellow-gold that is used. Not saying it would look better, but I’d be interested to see it.
The articulation is in line with the older MU figures, meaning its ok, but not great. You get ball joints in the neck, shoulders, and hips. The elbows are hinged and there are swivels in the wrists and biceps. The knees are double hinged and the ankles have hinges and swivels. You also get a ball joint in the torso. I really miss the swivels in the waist and upper thighs, but what’s here is still pretty serviceable.
Included as an accessory is the tiny little version of one of Pym’s other alter egos: Antman. If you picked up the Secret Wars comic pack with Doctor Doom, then you’ll no doubt remember the tiny Wasp included in that packet, and this is something along the same lines. Antman is just a tiny little static figurine, but the detailing and paintwork for such a little piece is really well done. I would be thrilled if Hasbro gave this guy the full sized figure treatment one day, as I think the sculpt would look fantastic.
I’ve been tempted many times to overspend and buy this guy online. Luckily I held out, because recently my Walmart started stocking MU figures again and he was one of the ones to hit the pegs first. I seriously think they must have had old cases of these figures sitting in the backroom the whole time. Either way, I’m not complaining because I was finally able to add him to my collection without paying a premium.

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