Marvel Universe: The Fantastic Four (Future Foundation Version) by Hasbro

Some time ago, I took a look at Hasbro’s Marvel Universe Fantastic Four set. This time we’re checking out the same set but with the variant paint jobs that place them in the Future Foundation costumes from the string of comics that immediately followed the much hyped death of Johnny Storm. Recently, I haven’t been much for double-dipping on variants and repaints, but given my undying and possibly unhealthy adoration for the Fantastic Four, this time I just couldn’t resist. Besides, I just really dig these uniforms! I’m going to go through this quick, so if you want a more detailed look at the original release of these figures, you can check out the original feature as linked above.

These are variants, rather than a brand new set, so the package is identical to the original release. There’s no mention of the Future Foundation anywhere and the artwork shows the characters in their regular blue costumes, just as it did before. Normally, I would cry foul and argue that Hasbro should have created a new set with FF Spider-Man replacing HERBIE, but this was never intended to be anything other than repaints, not something new. And besides, Future Foundation Spider-Man is on his way to the Marvel Universe as a single carded release, so I’m perfectly fine with that.
I’m still extremely happy with these new sculpts of Sue and Richard. Richard, especially so, since I was never terribly satisfied with the Secret Wars comic pack version. The Thing, on the other hand, has been pretty good in all his releases and this one is no different. Now is this Thing comic accurate? Sort of, but we’ll get to that in a minute.
Obviously, its the paintwork that makes this set special. The Future Foundation uniforms are a huge departure from what we’re used to seeing the Fantastic Four wearing. If you don’t like them, then this set is an easy pass for you. I think they’re… dare I say it? Fantastic. No, I wouldn’t want them to become the standard garb from now on, but as a limited run, I really dig them. Hasbro did a nice job recreating the costumes on the Sue and Richard figures, as the lines are all nice and sharp.
The only problem is The Thing, who really should be wearing a tank top with the hexagonal insignia on his chest. Obviously, it would have required new tooling for the figure, which Hasbro wasn’t willing to do for this set. Again, its just a variant set, not meant to be new figures. I don’t mind so much, because while I love the uniforms on Sue and Richard, I’m not a fan of The Thing’s tank top. And in fairness, he doesn’t wear it in all the issues, so you can still say this set is comic accurate… to a point.

And yes… HERBIE is a straight repack. There’s nothing different about his paint job.
This set ran me $22 at Walmart, which frankly surprised me, since I was able to get the regular one at Toys R Us for a couple bucks cheaper. Its usually the other way around. And yet, seeing as how this is the first time I’ve seen this version on the shelves anywhere, I wasn’t going to quibble over two dollars. I’m actually just so glad that the local Walmart is carrying Marvel Universe again and I want to do my part to make it worth their while.

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