Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles Classics: Donatello by Playmates

It’s day two of classic Turtles craziness and today we’ll be checking out Donatello. Like I said yesterday, this’ll be a lot shorter to prevent me from getting redundant while also allowing me to go off and hit the liquors early, because it’s been a peach of a day. Just make sure you checked out the feature on Leonardo to get the full picture.

There’s the packaging. Yep, it’s packed with retro awesome. It’s also identical to the Leonardo package only with a different insert in the bubble bearing Donatello’s name. It pains me to do it, but let’s rip this guy open and check him out.

Ok, so as noted, we’re dealing with the exact same body as Leo, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The only difference is the “D” belt buckle and instead of scabbards he’s got a loop to hold his bowstaff. And yes, he has the same awesome 34 points of articulation.
Don’s headsculpt is entirely new, although it’s mostly a mirror image of Leo’s. He’s got the same angry scowl, but Don’s showing teeth on the right side instead of the left. Everything else looks good… except… except… Holy Jesus, what’s wrong with his eyes???

Yeah, poor Don has a bad case of the Wall Eyes, Mad Eyes, or Wonky Peepers… whichever politically incorrect term you prefer. He’s got a little Marty Feldman thing going on there. It’s not the sculpt, just the paint on the pupil, and at this point in time it seems to be effecting most, if not all, of the figures. Maybe Playmates can do a running fix somewhere down the line. Otherwise, the only real difference is the purple paint used for Don’s wrist bands, knee and elbow pads, and his eye mask.


Don comes with his signature weapon, his bowstaff. It’s a simple accessory, but nicely sculpted with a wood grain texture and a wrapped grip. As mentioned it can be tucked away in the loop on his back, and he can grasp it nicely in either or both hands. You also get the super cool manhole cover display stand.


And… yup… I took the picture with the wrong manhole cover… <face palm>  Rest assured, Donatello’s stand has the proper name on it… I’ll fix it later… [All done, nothing to see here… move along. -FF]


And that my friends, is Donatello. Yes, his eyes are unfortunate. It’s a shame that Playmates put out a figure that mingles with perfection in every way and then slips up by misaligning a simple black dot for his pupil. Honestly, it kind of fits the figure in a goofy kind of way… ah, nope, that’s just a lie, it looks awful and it sucks. If he didn’t look so angry, I’d say he was pulling a face, but instead it just looks like he’s got the mad, crazy eyes of a killer.

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