Matty Collector Subs Are A Go…

I interrupt the regular flow of updates this week to celebrate the fact that the DC Club Infinite Earths will be sapping my wallet for one more year. I’m also taking this opportunity to cover the fact that I’m running a little behind this week on updates. Turtle Week will continue on Thursday and Friday, Vintage Vault will get pushed back to Saturday, and Star Trek Saturday will either double up or it may take the week off, seeing as how things go. It is my Birthday this weekend, and I plan on drinking a lot more heavily than usual.

Anyway, as for the Matty Collector news… All of the subs have gone forward. I have never subbed Club Eternia, although I do have a sizeable collection of MOTUC figures purchased day of sale. This current year, I haven’t purchased any, and personally I think Matty criminally mishandled the 30th Anniversary with shitty concept and contest figures, but thankfully the property isn’t so important to me as to fill my with rage over the fact.

I was very tempted to sub the Watchman line just because I would have really enjoyed having a set of Watchman figures in the scale and style of DCUC. The $25 a pop seemed rather high, especially for figures like Dr. Manhattan, which is nothing more than a new head sculpt and a painted buck, but I was still willing to go for it. What stopped me? The uncertainty of Club Infinite Earth going through meant that I could wind up paying shipping on just the Watchman figures, which would bump them up to about $35 a piece with tax. No thanks. Ironically, CIE went through, and Matty screwed themselves out of my Watchmen sub money by playing these ridiculous games.

Obviously, the CIE going through was the big news for me, and obviously I subbed again. I’ve been happy with every single figure that I’ve received from this year so far. Yes, even Rocket Red is cool as a stand alone figure. And next year’s are looking good too. I could take this opportunity to suggest that Matty played games with the thermometer, as I really doubt it jumped that high on the last day, but I’m not going to piss in the punchbowl. I’m just happy its going through and I’m going to keep getting my DCUC fix for another year and a half. Unfortunately, it means I’m going to have to do some re-arranging, because I’m just about out of room on my current display and I have about a dozen figures that aren’t even up yet…

On a related note, I dropped Matty a line via their Forums to inquire about the Young Justice 2-pack. I was actually willing to drop $50 on Superboy and Miss Martian to complete my set, but I found it odd that Matty wasn’t revealing any ship date on the figures. Turns out the reason why is because they won’t be shipping until 3rd Quarter of 2013. I realize the lead time required between concept and mass production for action figures, but there’s no way I’m buying two figures at a premium this week and not getting them for another year. Not where Matty and Digital River are concerned.
Ok, enough about toy politics… I’ll be back tomorrow to check out Raphael.

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