Marvel Legends: Mystique by Hasbro

I still haven’t found any more of Wave 3 of the Marvel Legends re-launch, but we looked at Iron Man a little while ago, so let’s knock out the other one that I do have… It’s Mystique! This release represents her more modern comic appearances, which is cool because I actually still have my old Toy Biz Marvel Legends Mystique kicking around.

Again, awesome packaging! Hasbro is up to their old tricks with using one card and one release slot to produce multiple characters. I’m fine with that, so long as I can keep finding the variants. In this case, Mystique is packaged under the moniker, “X-Mutants” and you get character art of both her and Moonstone up top and on the back panel of the card. These releases have to be one of the few examples of an action figure being released with the character’s name appearing nowhere on the package! That, my friends, is some ballsy marketing. Anyway, the figure looks great on the card and the huge bubble is filled out by her stand and crazy arsenal of weaponry.

Ok, so let’s deal with the elephant in the room first. Wave 2’s Madam Hydra did not feature one of Hasbro’s better head sculpts in this line, and yet they chose to recycle it for this Mystique figure. I’ll freely admit that I was quick to call Hasbro a bunch of crack smokers. Sure, the early promo pictures looked good, but I was worried that there was some fakery going on. Now that I have Mystique in hand, my worries are no more. I’m not sure if they did some tweaking or fixed the pinched look of the original mold, but I really dig the way it turned out for Mystique. The only place where the reuse is readily noticeable to me is the hair, and it still looks fine on this figure.

The rest of the sculpt is certainly up to par, albeit a bit minimalist on the limbs. Her pants and gloves are simply painted on, leaving the only really original sculpting on the figure at her torso with an unzipped top and clearly a lot of long hours spent lovingly sculpting her bosom. Hasbro, you dirty birdies… I loves ya. The also did some nice, subtle work on her taut little tummy. The only other thing on the body is her belt, which hangs loose around her waist.
God, I love the coloring on this figure! The shade of blue used for Mystique’s flesh tone is gorgeous and vibrant. Her pants and top are simple black, but there’s a lot of nice silver paintwork for the details. The zipper on her top is particularly well painted as are some of the little clasps and buttons on her belt. The paintwork on the face is precisely applied, including razor sharp lipstick, eyebrows, outlines to her eyes and her yellow pupil-less eyes. The face is capped off by a painted skull just under her widow’s peak. Gorgeous!

Mystique’s articulation is in line with what we’ve been seeing on the other Marvel Legends ladies. That means that unfortunately it ain’t up to par with the fellas. You get a ball jointed head, that is slightly marred by the hair sculpt. The arms have ball joints in the shoulders, hinged elbows, and swivels and hinges in the wrists. The legs are ball jointed with swivels at the hips, double hinged knees and hinges at the ankles. You get a ball joint in the torso that allows a little swivel. The articulation on the chicks is starting to upset me, especially since all of them so far have come with rifles and without at least a bicep swivel; it’s hard to get them to hold the weapons in a convincing firing position.

As you already saw from the in-package shot, Mystique comes loaded for bear with no less than four weapons. You get a sniper rifle, an assault rifle, a sub machine gun, and a pistol. The pistol is recycled from Madam Masque/Hydra, but this seems to be the first time I’ve had any of these other weapons in my collection. The figure stand is the same on that came with Iron Man, and prior to that it was used for the Walmart Exclusive 6-inch Avengers movie figures.

I was a little lukewarm on Iron Man, but I am totally in love with this version of Mystique. Hasbro knew exactly where to lay in the new sculpting and where they could get away with keeping it simple. News of reusing the Hydra head sculpt had me punching my desk in rage, but all for naught as it looks outstanding on the final figure. But best of all, the colors on this figure, as limited as they are, just blow me away. Toss in a little arsenal of weapons and I’m somewhat able to overlook the lack of a couple important points of articulation. You’re still nailing this line, Hasbro, and I’m looking forward to scarfing up the rest of this wave as soon as I find them.

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