Resident Evil Afterlife: Alice Movie Masterpiece 1:6 Scale Figure by Hot Toys, Part 1

I’ve only featured one Hot Toys figure here on FigureFan, that was Captain America and it was quite a while ago. It’s not that I don’t want to look at more of their exquisite pieces, but I juggle a lot of toy collections, and to tie up $150 or more in a single piece takes a lot of willpower that I rarely possess. I honestly thought that the next Hot Toys figure I’d be looking at would be the new Black Widow, which I have on pre-order and is due to come out in December, but an acquaintance of mine has decided to unload a good portion of his Hot Toys collection to free up room and funds for the upcoming Avengers. He was willing to let Alice go at a price I couldn’t refuse. We’re still negotiating over his Baby Doll figure.

Allow me to preface this feature by saying, I haven’t seen Resident Evil: Afterlife, but I’m guessing that’s probably a good thing. I only saw the first two Resident Evil movies. I remember thinking the first one was enjoyable enough, but I can’t remember anything about the second. Most of my Resident Evil love comes from the games, and I’ll freely admit that I’d much rather be looking at one of the game related ladies of the RE world like Jill Valentine or even Sheva. But Alice is the hand I’ve been dealt, and that’s ok, because I’m rather fond of Milla Jovovich, so having her in my collection isn’t a bad thing. Not a bad thing at all. I should note that last week Hot Toys revealed their Ada Wong figure and I promptly dropped in a pre-order so I’ll finally have one from the actual games.

Hot Toys likes to go all out on their packaging and I love that about them. Alice comes in a cardboard shipper. Inside is a very distinctive landscape oriented box with a great image of Milla in action, brandishing her revolvers. The front of the box has an embossed feel to the artwork, which makes it all the more satisfying. The box has a wrap-around flap, which is ever so gently secured with a magnet. Open it up and you get to see the figure alongside her jacket and gear. And holy shit does she come with a lot of gear. The box is cut around the window to resemble shattered glass, which makes for a pretty cool effect. The flap that holds her jacket also has the list of people who worked on the figure. It’s a typical Hot Toys thing to do and you always know you’ve got a classy figure when it has its own credits! Today we’re just focusing on the packaging, the figure and her outfits, and we’ll look at her well stocked arsenal tomorrow.

One thing I’ve learned about Hot Toys is that the unboxing can be a bit stressful. Besides having to unwrap tightly wound plastic from various parts of the figure, I take the time to learn just how fragile some of the outfit can be. Captain America had some very thin straps and between Alice’s weapon rig and arm wraps, it’s especially true here. I’m also really paranoid about damaging the package, because it’s part of the presentation and thus part of the whole ensemble. Generally speaking I’m not a package keeper, but obviously with Hot Toys, it’s different.

The head sculpt! Oh, the head sculpt. These guys are usually right on the money with their likenesses and I still think Alice is one of their better ones. Not only is it a great likeness to Milla, but the paintwork is absolutely incredible. The skin tone is perfect, the eyes are very lifelike, and there’s just the right amount of gloss on her lips. Even the way her lips are slightly parted to show a little of her teeth gives the head sculpt a convincing depth. She has a fairly neutral, maybe slightly determined, expression that succeeds without being vacant.

Hot Toys went with sculpted hair on this figure, and it was probably a good call because her hair is very short. She does, however, have two hair pieces that can easily be swapped out and are held securely on her head with a magnet. There’s not a lot of difference between the two styles. The one that comes packaged on the figure has her hair framing her face; the other has it swept back a bit. Like I said, it’s a subtle difference, but enough to make me prefer the swept back look just a little bit more.

The body is nicely proportioned to fit the actress. She’s shapely, and I’m glad that Hot Toys resisted the temptation to give her a boob job. Milla’s a great looking woman without being terribly well-endowed up top and the figure respects that. It’s classified as a True Type body and has a little better than 30-points of articulation. I’ve said before that I’m not a big 1:6 scale collector so I’m not what you would consider a connoisseur of articulation and body types in this scale. I will say that Alice has a satisfying level of poseability and unlike my Hot Toys Captain America, her outfit doesn’t inhibit her movement.

Ironically, the outfit is the only reason I hesitated buying this figure when it first came out. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a spot-on reproduction of the outfit she wore in the film, but I didn’t find it all that great a design, iconic or sexy. It also looked very bulky on the figure in the pictures that I saw. In hand, it’s actually not bulky at all. You get black skin tight leggings and a short sleeve t-shirt, a web-gear style military vest, which actually looks more like some kind of hardcore corset. She has a pair of very delicate arm wraps, heavy knee-high socks, and tall boots. The figure is capped off with a brown leather weapon rig that can store just about every piece in her ample arsenal.

Alice also comes with a Russian military-style jacket. It’s a gorgeous piece of work with excellent stitching, a working belt and snaps, and a furry collar. It’s a bit of work to get it on her. I had to pop off her hands, carefully remove her arm wraps and then slip it on and do some fidgeting. I was glad to see that it fits quite well over her empty weapons rig, as I wasn’t prepared to risk taking that off the figure to put on the jacket. I doubt I’ll display her with it on, but it sure is a very nice extra.

In addition to the outfit and extra hair piece, Alice comes with three sets of hands. The ones packaged on the figure are relaxed, and I’ll probably never use them. The other two sets are designed for holding her guns or her bladed weapons. She also comes with a set of extra hand posts, and you get the usual figure stand with the “Resident Evil: Afterlife” logo.

So far, pretty awesome. I’m going to break here, but tomorrow I’ll be back to see the copious kind of killing tools that Alice brings to the party.

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