Resident Evil Afterlife: Alice Movie Masterpiece 1:6 Scale Figure by Hot Toys, Part 2

And, I’m back and it’s time to check out all the cool shit that comes with Hot Toys’ Alice figure. You get a baton, a katana sword, two kukri knives, two revolvers, two double-barreled sawed-off shotguns, and two HK machine guns. Damn, woman! In the words of Captain Mal, “How many weapons you planning on bringing? You’ve only got the two arms!” Alice’s weapons rig can accommodate her katana sword, both shotguns and both revolvers, although you can get creative and put her kukris in the shotgun slots. Still, between her hands and her rig, Alice can carry almost everything she comes with. Let’s start with the melee weapons and work our way up to the big guns, eh?

First off and least impressive is her telescoping baton. I’m not one to argue with extra accessories. An extra pack in never hurt no one. But, I really have no use for this thing. It doesn’t telescope, and there’s really nowhere for her to store it when she isn’t holding it. And when you consider all the other choices, I doubt she’l ever be holding it. Having not seen the movie, I have no idea what context it was used in, but if it was me, I wouldn’t whip this thing out until I spent every last bullet, threw both my kukris and broke my katana in half.

Next up are the kukris. Made infamous by the Gurkha warriors of Nepal, these babies are vicious, hooked chopping weapons. I’ve owned a number of the real ones in my blade trading days, and I’m sure I still have one sitting around here somewhere. I’ve always had an affinity for their distinctive form. The sculpts and paintwork on this pair make them look like real weathered metal and wood, when in fact they’re just plastic. Very nice!

The last of Alice’s “up close and personal” weapons is her katana sword. The sword’s blade is die cast metal and the hilt is beautifully detailed. As far as katanas go, this one is a bit more functional than decorative. It comes with a plain black plastic scabbard that is a little bit of a tight fit. I prefer to leave the blade peeking out a bit so it isn’t so tough to draw. The scabbard fits through the three straps on the back of Alice’s rig so that it is worn straight up and down. It’s kind of an awkward position as it bumps the back of her head and it bumps the figure stand, but it can be made to work. It probably should have been angled over the shoulder, but with all the other hardware she’s carrying, I can understand why it wasn’t.

Alice’s Smith & Wesson chrome finish revolvers are absolutely gorgeous. The detail is superb right down to the flip out chambers and I’ll be damned if you can’t pull back the hammers. Inside the chambers you can see each individual sculpted cartridge.

The sawed-off shotguns are possibly my favorite of this bunch. They are hinged to break at the breech for loading and, yes the tiny little cartridges are removable. Insane! The cartridges are tough to get out unless, you don’t want to, and then they slide out when you’re not looking.

And finally she has a pair of Heckler & Koch machine guns. They have a matte black finish, removable magazines with a painted cartridge showing inside the magazine. The detail on these weapons is pretty insane, right down to the tiny safety switch. These are the weapons my Alice will most likely be holding while on display, since there’s no room on her rig to store them.

With an original MSRP of around $169, Alice is not cheap, but she’s also not one of the pricier figures in the Hot Toys catalog. Nonetheless, she’s a really solid figure that comes with a bewildering number of weapons and accessories. The excellent likeness, along with the quality of the figure and outfit certainly justifies the price, but when you toss in so much extra stuff, I really feel like the cost is justified, particularly since I only paid a little more than two-thirds the original price. I was a little concerned about buyer’s remorse with this figure, since it is only my second Hot Toys purchase and I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the film property, but in the end I’ve got no regrets. And she looks great standing on my shelf beside Captain America.

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