Mass Effect 3: Miranda (Series 2) by Big Fish

Ugh… Too much turkey and pie! I’m lying on my sofa, laptop on my bloated stomach and contemplating whether I can fit another turkey and stuffing sandwich. Maybe another brandy will help with the digestion. Yes, it’s Thanksgiving night and I hope everyone had a good holiday. What better way to spend it than to digest too much food and talk about action figures? Today, I’m pressing on with the first figure of Big Fish’s second series of Mass Effect 3 figures. It’s Miranda!

From the front, the packaging for Series 2 is identical to Series 1. Miranda’s looking pretty good in the package. If you flip it around, you can see that the printed insert has changed to show the four Series 2 figures and give you a little blurb about each. I didn’t shoot the back of the packages, so you’ll have to take my word for it. I was really excited to get Miranda, so let’s get her out and see how awesome she is. Hmm… awesome may not be the right word. “Ok?” “Mediocre?” Or maybe, “Oh shit, her left arm just came off!” Yeah, strap in kids, we’re going to have some issues with this one.

So, where to begin? Let’s start with the sculpt. For a figure in this price range, the folks at DC Direct, Big Fish, or whoever’s responsible, did a passable job with Miranda’s portrait. That’s passable, not perfect. The hairline is a little too high and her left eye is drooping, but I can still see Miranda in there somewhere. The biggest problem is that she can’t really hold her head straight. It’s not her hair sculpt, but rather something with the configuration of her neck, but she’s constantly looking at least a little bit down.

Moving south, her bodysuit is faithfully sculpted, right down to the hexagonal panel lines, and I like the high gloss paint used for her gloves and boots. Still, there’s something about the paint apps on her collar that always makes me think she’s wearing a bowtie when I first look at her. Bowties may be cool, but not here. Miranda’s shapely feminine form is certainly well reproduced here, but there’s something a little odd about her derrière. It’s probably from the way the hip joints are made up, but it looks like someone looked at the sculpt and said, “Needs more ass!!!” and they added an extra butt flap.

Miranda’s articulation sounds good on paper, but in execution it has some issues. Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up. Her legs feature a standard “T” at the hips and she has hinged knees. Unfortunately because of the aforementioned ass flap, her hip joints only allow her legs to move forward. You can pose her in a traditional Captain Morgan stance, with one leg up on something, but a lot of dynamic action poses are out of the question. Miranda’s arms are better, in theory, as she has ball jointed shoulders, swivel cut biceps, and hinged elbows. Unfortunately, the elbow hinges are so weak that her left arm pulled right out at the joint as soon as she was out of the package. It will go back in, but to pose her you pretty much have to reset the arm every time. The neck is ball jointed, but as already mentioned, she can’t look all the way up. The lack of a swivel in the waist further commits her to life as a somewhat articulated statue.

Miranda comes with a black disc figure stand. She will stand on her own, but with those little high heeled boots, the stand comes in handy. She also comes with a pistol, which she can hold fairly well in her right hand, providing you don’t bump her or anything.

As you can see, Miranda is certainly a letdown. She looks OK standing in the back of the shelf with her Normandy shipmates around her, but as an action figure, she really sucks. I realize Big Fish put these out, but they started life as DC Direct figures, and with poor articulation and a major QC issue, she represents two of the biggest inconsistencies collectors often have with DC Direct products.  I was really at odds whether to write up a feature for a downer like this figure on Thanksgiving, but then I didn’t want to end Mass Effect week on a sour note. And that means I saved the figure of my all-time favorite Mass Effect character for last… tomorrow we’ll wrap things up with Mordin.

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