Mass Effect 3: Mordin (Series 2) by Big Fish

Good news, everyone! I survived another Black Friday and while that seems like an end in and of itself, it’s really just the first punch in a month long series of rapid fire shots to my groin. Ah, the joys of being a retail manager at Christmas time! Right now I’m exhausted, working my way through a bottle of Johnnie Walker, and still living off the leftover scraps of turkey and pie. But, I still owe y’all one more Mass Effect figure to round out this hectic week and I aims to deliver. Please understand when I tell you that today is going to be quick and dirty so I can crawl into bed and get some sleep. I promised to save my favorite Mass Effect character for last, and here he is: Mordin Solus.

Blam! Mass Effect 3 packaging. Nothing new to say here, except it still looks really nice and Mordin looks great inside. It’s hard for me to say exactly why I love this guy so much, but it probably comes down to his unique mannerisms and his rich and ethically questionable backstory. There were plenty of characters in the ME universe that I didn’t care much about talking with, but I never shunned an opportunity to rap with my favorite Salarian doctor. Every conversation was deeply satisfying and often made me either chuckle or feel sorry for the burden of the decisions Mordin had to carry.

The sculptors did a pretty good job on Mordin’s portrait, however, I do think his head sculpt is softer than the other figures. There’s just enough detail to get by, it still captures a lot of the character’s personality, but when you compare him to the likes of Grunt or even Thane it seems like he could have used a bit more work. I do like the way they executed his head apparatus, which is cast in soft plastic but stands up well and does not interfere with his head articulation.

Mordin’s body sculpt is great and really accentuates the alien nature of his legs and forearms. Those Mass Effect designers really loved using the “chicken leg” configuration for a lot of their aliens and the Salarians are no exception. His lab coat style outfit is achieved with pliable soft plastic attached to the torso and allowed to drape down to his knees. Alas, the paintwork on this figure is a little inconsistent. The white on the coat is slathered on rather unevenly and there’s a little bleeding here and there. Still, when all is said and done he’s an attractive looking figure.

Mordin features pretty decent articulation for this line. His head is ball jointed and has a good range of motion. His arms are ball jointed at the shoulders, hinged at the elbows, and have swivel cuts in the biceps. His legs feature the usual “T” joint in the hips and are hinged at the knees. Once again, we aren’t dealing with super articulated figures here, but what Mordin has, combined with his neutral stance, is useful enough. I was really concerned with how fragile Mordin’s thin elbow hinges might be, but they turned out just fine, making me consider that my Miranda figure’s elbow was really just a freak QC issue.

Accessories? You get the standard disc figure stand and you get a pistol. The figure stand is pretty essential since Mordin has virtually no chance of standing on his own without it thanks to his tiny feet and chicken legs. The pistol is a unique sculpt and features some really nice white paint apps. It fits in his hand pretty well and you can even thread his finger through the trigger guard.

And that’s all the Mass Effect I’ve got for you cats now. There are, of course, two more figures in Series 2: Garrus and Legion. I will be picking them up to complete my set, but it may be a little while until I get around to it. Overall, I’m glad Bioware and Big Fish were finally able to get these figures out. Sure, there are some inconsistencies in the line. But on the whole, I think it is a pretty solid set of figures. Granted, I got quite a good deal on these, only paying around $13 a piece, which is considerably less than the usual $18-20. I’d say four out of the six would have been worth the full MSRP to me, and I’m sure you can guess which ones those are. I’m tempted to try to get another Miranda to see if I can get a figure without the QC issues, but in the end I’ll probably stick with what I’ve got.

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