Watchmen Series 1: Silk Spectre II by DC Direct

Here I am, back as promised, to take a gander at the second lady of The Watchmen: It’s Silk Spectre II (aka Laurie Juspeczyk). Wow, I am torn on this figure. Let’s dig right in and see why…

There’s the packaging. Laurie looks awesome displayed in this wonderful window box, but there’s nothing here different from the other Series 1 figure packaging, so there’s not a lot new to talk about. Moving on…

Silk Spectre represents a great combination of solid sculpt and excellent paintwork for the body, and some passable work for the head. The portrait isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot closer to the lovely Malin Akerman than the original Spectre figure was to Carla Gugino. Still, likeness aside, I don’t think the quality of the sculpt and paint live up to the previous figure. I think the big sticking point for me is that the paint on the eyes just looks rather cartoonish to me. Her long, straight hair is executed pretty well, but renders her head articulation almost useless. What’s here for the portrait certainly isn’t at all bad, but it’s just not amazing.

The body on the other hand is great, and I mean that in more ways than one! Yes, DC Direct captured Spectre’s feminine form quite well, but they also really knocked the outfit right out of the park. The mix of matte yellow and high-gloss black used for her costume is clean and spot-on to the source material. The fine silver paintwork on the zipper is impressive for a figure in this scale and price range, and really ties everything together. All the lines along the components of her outfit are actually sculpted to give the figure a nice layered look and add a lot of credibility to the appearance of her costume. Spectre is sculpted standing with her hands clenched into fists and her posture is ram-rod straight. And that, my friends, leads us to her articulation…

Let’s not mince words: Silk Spectre’s articulation sucks and there’s no reason for it. I could somewhat forgive Rorschach because he had the trench coat, but there’s no reason for Laurie here to have less articulation than her mother. Here’s what you get: A ball jointed neck, ball jointed shoulders, hinges in the elbows, and swivel cuts in the thighs. That’s it! The head and arms are about on par with the rest of the figures, so I won’t complain much about them, but where’s the “T” joint in the hips? Where are the hinges in the knees? What the fuck is the point of the swivels in the thighs??? When you tweak them even one jot and she can’t stand and her feet don’t look natural in any other position. Besides, every other figure in this line is sporting some ability to adopt something of a trademark pose, while Laurie here just stands at attention. Why, DC Direct? What happened here? Did you just spin a giant wheel to randomly decide which figure gets blessed with articulation and which gets cheated? Oh, holy hell, I need a belt of Jameson.

If I had opened Silk Spectre II right after opening Rorschach, I think I would have been a lot less disappointed. But after finding decent enough articulation on Comedian, Dr. Manhattan, and the original Silk Spectre, I really got my hopes up that Rorschach was an exception that was hampered because of his trench coat. The truth is Laurie looks really good on the shelf, flanked by her fellow Watchmen, but there’s just no excuse for DC Direct limiting her articulation as much as they did and that makes her all the more frustrating a figure. Scratch that, she’s not a figure… she’s a semi-articulated statue, and if I’m going to display a statue on my shelf, I’d rather have something a lot more dynamic looking than the way she turned out. Damn you, DCD, you were doing so well and now this!

I’m going to go off and drink heavily collect my thoughts and tomorrow, we’re going to move on to the smarty-pants villain of the piece… Ozymandias.

One comment on “Watchmen Series 1: Silk Spectre II by DC Direct

  1. Annoyingly over time, the plastic in her feet hasn’t turned out to be as hard as I would’ve thought. Mine has slowly sagged forward and she can’t stand properly at all.

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