Watchmen Series 2: Silk Spectre by DC Direct

Wow, it’s Thursday already! The Doomsday Clock is still counting down and I’ve still got a lot of figures to look at this week, so I better get my ass in gear. Today I’m cramming two figures into one day because I really want to get through all of the Watchmen figures by Saturday, so we can move on to other things. Let’s start out with the original Silk Spectre, aka Sally Jupiter, and later today we’ll move on to Silk Spectre II, aka Laurie Juspeczyk. I can’t say as I’ve ever looked at figures based off mom and daughter superheroes before, and I blame that solely on the fact that nobody made decent Incredibles figures. Yeah, I’m still bitter about that. But I digress… let’s go!

Since we’ve already seen DC Direct’s Watchmen packaging and I’ve got to cover two different figures today, let’s not spend a lot of time on the boxes. Suffice it to say, I love everything about the in-package presentation. DC Direct didn’t stand on chronological ceremony and so the original Silk Spectre wasn’t released until Series 2. On the other hand, DC Direct was kind enough to give us Sally Jupiter in her prime and in her superhero garb, as opposed to a figure of her older self in a bathrobe quaffing down tumblers of gin. Good call, DCD! I have a weird affinity for 50’s style superhero and science fiction designs, toss in a pretty lady and this figure really scratches my itch. But before we get into the costume, let’s talk portraits…

The original Silk Spectre was played by Carla Gugino. I honestly don’t see a lot of her in this head sculpt. The mouth is too small and the face isn’t rounded enough. Now, setting likeness aside, this figure still sports a drop dead gorgeous head sculpt. The face is beautiful and it features immaculate, potentially perfect, paint apps, all capped off with a really great vintage style hairdo. I suppose if you have a real attachment to the actress, the lack of likeness may be a sticking point, but I’m just so pleased with how great the head looks, I’m willing to be all sorts of forgiving on this point. Seriously, DCD, bravo on this one, as far as head sculpts go, this one is an absolute homerun and quite possibly one of your best efforts.

The rest of the figure is spot-on right down to her glorious example of 50’s cheesecake costuming. The dress is sculpted with realistic pleating and the skirt bellows up in the back to give a nice glimpse of her tushie. The yellow paint apps on the dress are darkened to make it look like her black undergarments are showing through. It’s a nice effort, but I don’t think it works quite as well as the designers’ hoped. The rest of the figure’s paint looks great. Painted skin tone often shoes up as dirty and smudged when it isn’t executed right, but that clearly isn’t a problem here. They also used a beautiful high-gloss black for the glove over her right arm.

Sally’s stockings and high heeled boots are a mix of sculpting, more high-gloss black paint, and the old mixed-media fishnets that DCD and Mattel like to use on some of their DC ladies. While the fishnets still have the problem of unsightly bunching on the back, the limited use of them here make them work a lot better than on previous efforts like Zatanna or Black Canary. In fact, this is easily the best execution of this stockings approach I’ve seen on a figure yet.

Silky-1 sports solid, albeit not super, articulation. Her neck is ball jointed, which allows for a decent amount of movement for her pretty head. Her arms rotate at the shoulders and are hinged at the elbows. She has a swivel cut in her left wrist, but oddly enough not in the right. Her legs feature a standard “T” in the hips and hinges in the knees. The sculpted skirt inhibits her forward leg movement at the hips pretty badly, but there’s just enough poseability here to give you a limited  variety of display options, but the figure really screams for some swivel cuts in the biceps and thighs. Close… oh, so close. Her articulation allows her to stand perfectly fine on her own, although she does come with the same gantry-style figure stand as the other figures.

In case you haven’t guessed, I am totally digging on this figure. She’s a beautifully crafted effort on DCD’s part, especially since she’s based on a character that doesn’t have a huge amount of screen time compared to the others in the line. One might not expect her vintage looks to hold up in action figure form, but the end result is one sexy piece of pin-up style plastic. Sure, the likeness isn’t there, and I understand that’s going to put off some collectors, but I’m still so very  enamored with the end result, I just don’t care.

I’ll be back later tonight to see how well Sally’s daughter fares with Silk Spectre II.

4 comments on “Watchmen Series 2: Silk Spectre by DC Direct

  1. i hate when there’s a figure i passed (well, in this case, struggled to) and there’s a review reminding me how gorgeous she is and i’m totally thinking about getting her again! damn you!

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