Marvel Super Heroes: Spider-Man’s Spider-Cycle Chase (#76004) by Lego

I seriously set out today to buy another DC Lego set, but before I could decide which Batman set would interest me the most, I saw this “Spider-Cycle Chase” and all bets were off. The name of the set is so misleading. “Spider-Cycle Chase” sounds like something I would never buy because: A) I already have a Spider-Man minifig and I don’t need another, and B) I hate the idea of Spider-Man using gimmicky vehicles. What they should have called this set is “OH MY GOD, IT’S NICK FURY’S FLYING CAR AND OH YEAH, YOU ALSO GET A VENOM MINIFIG SO BUY THIS SET RIGHT NOW!!!” First Deadpool, than J. Jonah Jameson, and now Nick Fury and his flying car. Lego, you know how to push my Marvel buttons.


The front of the box illustrates everything that is awesome about this set. Venom is standing on the hood of Fury’s flying roadster while Fury shoots a missile at his head. Meanwhile, Spider-Man is coming from the other direction in a FLYING F’ING MOTORCYCLE and shooting webs at him. All the while, Venom looks like he’s about to jump away at the last minute and let the two crash in classic Looney Toons fashion. All this craziness translates into: “buy this set for it contains fun within.” I should point out that like the last Spider-Man set, this one appears to be based on the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. It’s a show I’ve never seen, but there’s no reason why this set can’t fit in with my other Marvel Lego.


The set contains instructions, a comic book, a small sticker sheet, a loose strand of webbing, and three baggies containing a total of 237 pieces. It builds three minifigs, two Venom tendril mines, Spidey’s motorcycle, and Nick Fury’s car. Where should we start? Minifigs, assemble!



Spider-Man is no doubt the disappointment in this set, only because I had to get him again. I know this is bound to happen, but it’s still annoying. He’s still a great minifig, but the paint on his eyes is a little rubbed, so I’m glad I have another one. On the other hand, he comes with the same web strand as my other Spidey, so it’s nice to have two of those. Venom is awesome. Lego really nailed the printed face and he has a bunch of tendrils coming off of his back. Nick Fury is an animated style Nick Fury, but there’s no reason he can’t hang with the minifigs in my Avengers themed Lego sets, and since I don’t have a Fury minifig yet, he was a welcome addition to my collection. He comes with a little gun. You also get these two little Venom tendril pieces. I have no real use for them, so I’ll just mention them here with the minifigs.



I envisioned Spidey’s motorcycle as being something to toss into a bin and forgot about. Like I said earlier, I don’t like the idea of Spider-Man having gimmicky vehicles. On the other hand, it is an amazingly cool little design and the way it converts from motorcycle to hover cycle really is brilliant. It’s probably one of my favorite little Lego vehicles to date. Lego Deadpool will certainly have to steal it for when his Vesper is in the shop.





But make no mistake, the reason I bought this set was for Nick Fury’s car and I must say, Lego did a wonderful job on it. It’s a green one-seat, convertible roadster. I love the use of the tan bricks for the interior, because we all know Fury would demand rich Corinthian leather in his ride. The printed instrument panels look great, and I love the hinged spoiler on the back. Obviously, the car has two surprises. Wait… can surprises be obvious? Probably not…



First, the wheels fold in Back To The Future style to convert the car into hover mode. Secondly, there’s a concealed missile launcher that folds up out of the back. The only complaint I have is that it’s almost impossible to flick-fire the missile because you can barely get at the back of it. Still cool, though.


This set was $20, which definitely seems right when you consider the piece count. I will say that the build seemed to go a lot faster than usual, but maybe that’s because I was particularly anxious to get the car completed. The engineering of the build is definitely clever and even with the duplicate Spider-Man, it was still a good value. Keep the Marvel sets coming Lego, and I’ll keep buying them!

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