World of Warcraft: Demolisher Attack by MegaBloks

Once again, I’ve managed to kick my World of Warcraft habit, but I’m still picking up the Megabloks sets now and then. This time around, I’m up against a WoW set bigger than anything I’ve looked at before. It’s the Demolisher Attack and at 299 pieces, it’s twice the size of Sindragosa and The Lich King. Let’s check this beast out!  



The set comes in a massive box with some really nice, colorful artwork. In the past, MegaBloks has had a habit of using oversized boxes with a lot of extra room, but that’s definitely not the case here. This big box comes stuffed with 7 bags of unnumbered bricks, a bag of mystery loot, an instruction booklet, and a B&W addendum sheet because I guess they screwed up when printing the book. You also get a single loose brick, which they either threw in there because they forgot it or whatever.  When you’re done you get everything almost everything (more on that later!) you need to build a Horde siege engine, an Alliance outpost and three minifigs. As always, let’s check out the minifigs first.




MegaBloks’ WoW minifigs, or micro-figs if you prefer, always impress the hell out of me and that’s the case with this pair too. You get a Horde Blood Elf Death Knight, Severin, and an Alliance Human Warlock, Markov. The Warlock even comes with his Voidwalker Minion. As usual, the minifigs come assembled and the sculpted detail and paint work on these tiny guys are amazing. You can break down their armor and swap it between figures, which is awesome because it means that any minifigure can loot another after he ganks him. Severin comes with a mace and Markov comes with a staff and they each have clips to store the weapons on their backs. Once again, Megabloks, these figures are absolutely stellar!


The Demolisher siege engine takes up more than half of this set’s parts and it was a very fun and satisfying build. It’s bigger and more intricate than I had anticipated, and while it does make use of some rather large pieces, like the wheels and a frame, it still uses plenty of other smaller parts, so building it doesn’t feel like a cheat. Indeed, there are at least a few very tiny parts involved, so try not to sneeze while building it!


Some highlights of this cart of rolling destruction include a working catapult on the front, beautifully sculpted and painted wheels, a cauldron on the back to store flaming projectiles, Horde standards on each side, and some cool spikes and chains that really add a lot of character to the model. I’m still not a big fan of the swirly paint used on some of the brown bricks, but it isn’t as unsightly here as in past sets. On the contrary, I just love the way this thing looks!


There’s a single seat with a peg to hold a figure, and while The Demolisher is really only designed for the single pilot, the whole thing is big enough to have a couple extra passengers, maybe hanging off the back. The finished build holds together very well and it rolls along great. The printed addendum page seems to correct the instructions for rigging the rubber band for the catapult. It’s nice that they found and corrected the error, but it reminds me that I’m not dealing with the higher quality standards of Lego here.



Completing the Demolisher would have left me plenty satisfied, but it’s nice to know that there’s more to build, and the Alliance outpost is no slouch either. While the bulk of the tower is made from two panels, the base of the structure is a pretty involved build. I love the way the set uses a mix of rounded and regular stone pieces to give it a realistic masonry style and the paintwork on the “stone” bricks works quite well. You do, however, have to be extra careful when doing the build because the difference between rounded and squared bricks is subtle in the illustrations. With a similar architecture and design, building this outpost offers a nice taste of what the Stormwind set is going to be like. No monies in the budget this week… must… resist… buying Stormwind set.


The outpost features three levels, and while not terribly large, you can easily get a figure on the second and third floors and two or three on the ground floor. The second floor features a Horde shield in the wall and a clip to store a weapon. The outpost doesn’t feature an actual base, so if you happen to have a spare Lego base kicking around you may want to make use of it here. It’s not necessary, though, as the building holds together just fine without it.  I’m pretty sure I could drop this thing and it would hold together. On a carpet, mind you… I’m not crazy! You also get a firing catapult, which can be mounted on the roof or placed strategically around the outpost.


Alas, this really fun set suffers from one flub: Mine was missing a piece, and that piece was a big ladder. Now, on the plus side, it’s a good thing that the set wasn’t missing something crucial to completing the build. The ladder is a nice extra for the interior of the outpost, but it’s probably the one piece in this set that could be missing while not being essential to the build. On the other hand, it’s a huge f’ing ladder… how do you leave that out??? If it were a small piece, I’d have given MegaBloks the benefit of doubt and assume I lost it, but there’s no way I could have lost the ladder. I was half hoping my mystery loot would be a ladder, but nope… it was a nice pair of spiked red shoulders. The infuriating thing is that I had 17 extra pieces in the set. If only I could melt them down into a ladder.

[Update: While I was going to just let it go, I wanted to give Megabrands a chance to make this right, and I’m glad I did. Their customer service was really cool and professional about this and quickly had the part on its way to me. I was expecting to be told I needed to produce a receipt or buy the part. Nope. No charge, and no proof of purchase required. You’re a class act, Megabrands, and my Alliance Warlock will appreciate being able to reach the second floor of his doomed little outpost.]


Missing ladder notwithstanding, Demolisher Attack is a great set. You get three awesome little figures, and everything you need to have a battle. And since I only roll Horde, I love that the Alliance outpost doesn’t look like it will stand a chance against the Horde Demolisher! Yeah! Horde gonna roll right over you! Suck on that, Allie bitches!!! Nothing against Severin, but I’ll probably have one of my Goblins or Orcs driving the Demolisher, just because. But yeah… The build is not only satisfying, but rather challenging since the bags aren’t numbered and you’re dealing with nearly 200 pieces all at once. I had a lot of fun putting it together and I’m already looking forward to my next WoW set.

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