Lego Minifigs Series 9 Crapshoot #1

It’s time to spin the fickle Wheel of Fate with another handful of blind bagged Lego minifigs. I picked up three of these at Walmart the other day. That’s three bags of mystery containing either joy or terror. What will they be? Opening these is like closing your eyes and sticking your face into a box that may or may not contain a rabid badger. Actually, it’s really nothing at all like that. Scratch that, forget I mentioned it.


Anyway, I haven’t exactly been consistent in collecting these, which should be apparent since the last Minifig Crapshoot I did was way back in November and that was Series 8. This time we’re moving on to Series 9. I like to do three at a time, so I can keep score and see how I did. With three there can’t be a tie. Let’s get the ball rolling and see what’s in baggie number one…


Hell and Yes! It’s Chicken Suit Guy!!! I have been following the minifig scene enough to know that there have been several figs of people in animal costumes. I haven’t been lucky enough to get any of them until now. Chicken Suit Guy is a pretty good place to start and a strong first showing for today’s Minifig Crapshoot. Yes, with only four pieces plus the stand, he’s a very simple figure, but I’m into the spirit of CSG more than anything else. He’ll also fit right in with some of my Lego Police sets, because I’m going to have those guys arrest him for being a public nuisance and beat the living shit out of him while he’s in custody. I’m almost afraid to move on to the second bag. Surely a score like Chicken Suit Guy can only be followed by disappointment and rage. Oh, the anticipation… let me take a swig of Jameson.


Holy shit balls… I don’t recall this ever happening before, but yes… doubles! DOUBLES!!! It is indeed another Chicken Suit Guy! If you tell me you saw that coming I would brand you a filthy liar and kick you down the stairs! In all the years of doing Minifig Crapshoot (actually, I’ve only done two) this is totally unprecedented. I don’t even know how to score this. One Chicken Suit Guy is clearly a win, but two? Did I need two?? Ugh… Minifig Crapshoot is blowing my mind. What does this mean? I’m almost tempted to just forget it and not tempt fate with the third bag, but I must. And it’s… it’s…


Oh, snap… Here come the Judge! It’s the British Magistrate and he is glorious. Not only does he have a nice printed torso, but he has a cool cape and sash on the front that I’ve never seen employed on a Lego minifig before. He’s also got that amazing powdered wig and a gavel and his little Lego face just stares at you disapprovingly. I absolutely love this little guy. Not only is he just a great little minfig, but there is no way I would ever have a Lego set that would possibly include anything like him. Plus, once the cops arrest the Chicken Suit Twins, he can sentence them to hard time. British Magistrate has no patience for the antics of the Chicken Suit Twins, and he shall hand down a harsh sentence indeed! It all makes sense now!


Overall, I’m scoring today’s Minifig Crapshoot as a win. Yes, against all odds, I got doubles, but I think the quality of the individual figures outweigh that unfortunate circumstance. Also, having a look through the checklist has really motivated me to have another go, because there are actually a bunch of figures in this series I would love to have.

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