Cover Girls of the DC Universe: “New 52” Catwoman by DC Collectibles

Today’s feature almost didn’t happen, because the USPS temporarily lost my Catwoman statue. To be more accurate, they claimed it was delivered and after a few days of me insisting it wasn’t, bitching at them, and finally letting them know it was insured (why didn’t THEY know that?) it magically turned up in my postbox. In fairness, I get a lot of shit mailed to me every week, some USPS some UPS (and some by whatever cracked out sorcerers Amazon uses to get stuff thrown on my doorstep from a moving vehicle 12 hours after I ordered it) and this was the first time I’ve ever had a problem like this. Yeah, I consider myself pretty lucky. Catwoman is one of the New 52 books that I’m still reading regularly and I enjoy it quite a bit, so when I was able to get a decent deal on this statue, I really couldn’t resist.



This piece comes in a fairly bland white box with some pictures of the statue on it and a little blurb on the back. “Catwoman is ready to whip the Dark Knight into shape if he tries to stop her!” I’m guessing that’s some kind of kinky S&M reference, because every encounter Batman and Catwoman seem to have in the current book involves them screwing. The back also shows off two other statues currently available. Harley Quinn is actually sitting in my Pile of Loot at BBTS, but I’m not digging Poison Ivy enough to buy her. Anyway, there’s not a lot else to say about the box. It gets the job done, but considering we’re dealing with a comic book company, a company that is all about the graphic arts, you’d think they could come up with something more attractive than the presentation here. The statue comes wrapped in plastic and nestled between two styrofoam trays.




Out of the box, Selina stands atop a decorative finial on a rooftop. One leg cocked, she’s glancing back over her shoulder, goggles up, her whip is coiled around her, and she’s carrying a novelty kitty-cat backpack full of jewels. I can’t argue with the pose, it’s a little seductive and it captures all there is about the character pretty well. If I had one thing to nitpick it’s that the pose makes it difficult for me to decide on how to display the statue. I suppose it’s intended to be displayed with her head looking straight out at you, and that does indeed look nice. On the downside, you miss out on some of the other assets she has on display, and at this angle the cat chasing her is obscured by her leg. Still, all in all, I’ve got no complaints about the pose.



In hand, the statue has a satisfying heft for its size. It’s a cold cast porcelain piece, rather than the PVC plastic that make up most of the statues in my collection. The portrait, Sam Greenwell is the sculptor here, is certainly competent, but it’s not stellar. There’s a reason some statues are considered “high end collectibles” and sell for hundreds of dollars and others don’t, so I’m willing to be a little forgiving here. Selina’s face is pretty and it’s close to the comic art by Guillem March, but it’s not a slam dunk. The short spikey hair must have been a challenge to get right, but I think they did a good job. I do wish the strap on the goggles was sculpted or painted to stand out from the hair just a bit more.




The rest of the statue is quite nice, although in fairness her leather bodysuit doesn’t require a lot of detail so it lends itself well to this kind of statue. There are a few seams and wrinkles, and the zipper is detailed, but most of what’s here is smooth, glossy black curves. The whip is actually a soft rubbery material (OMG, IT’S MIXED MEDIA!!!) and I like the texturing on the backpack. The base looks good and as far as architecture goes it’s about as Gotham City as you can get without actually putting a gargoyle on it. The cat on the base is a nice touch. I like how it’s suspended in mid jump and how it looks like it’s mesmerized by and chasing the frayed end of Catwoman’s whip.



Paint has been a hit and miss affair with the DC Cover Girls line. Honestly, I think the paintwork on my Catwoman is quite good. Again, this is a pretty simple statue to paint, as the bulk of the body is just coated in high gloss black. The detail work on the zipper is pretty good, as are the flesh tones. The one thing that stands out a bit is her right eye looks just ever so slightly droopy and uneven, but it’s not enough to ruin the piece for me. In fact, I didn’t really notice it until I was really scrutinizing it for this feature. The paintwork along her hairline is pretty solid as are the lips.




I like this statue a lot, but it feels a little less impressive than past statues in this series. It feels like there’s been some cost cutting since the days of Cover Girls’ production limitations and Adam Hughes’ sculpts. But I also need to remind myself that some of those statues could be hit and miss as well. For example, I have desperately wanted to pick up the Cover Girls Starfire statue, I still hope to one day, but I’ve yet to see one with acceptable paint. I could also mention that while DC Collectibles no longer limits the production on this line, they haven’t lowered the price accordingly. Catwoman’s MSRP is $99, and when you see what you can get from Kotobukiya for less, that seems rather high. I picked up mine for $65, and that seems a lot closer to the mark. All in all, I’m satisfied and I’m happy to have her on my shelf.

3 comments on “Cover Girls of the DC Universe: “New 52” Catwoman by DC Collectibles

  1. Every time one of these comes out I go to my favorite comic shop and check out what they put on display. I am ALWAYS disappointed. Is it because I collect the nearly flawless anime statues as well? I can expect some less-than-perfect paint and casting from the toys I buy, but from a $100 statue? I have pretty high expectations when it comes to dropping a c-note on something. It better blow me away!

    • I definitely see where you’re coming from. Personally, I think it’s the media. To me, PVC plastic just lends itself a lot better to detail and color than the painted cold-cast porcelain and usually at the fraction of the cost. Style notwithstanding, I’d match any one of my Koto pieces against this one any day.

      Then again, it might just be DC Collectibles these days. I was really excited about the forthcoming Bombshells of the DC Universe line when it was announced, but I think the final pieces look terrible and I cancelled my pre-orders. Such a shame.

      • The Bombshells were really the statues that bummed me out too. I was so ready for some of them since they were based on designs of some of the best artist today. They did not make the cut in the final design.

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