Star Trek (2009) Command Series: Dr. McCoy by Playmates

In keeping with Star Trek Week, tonight I’ll be going to The Pub and taking my liver where no liver has gone before. That means I don’t have a lot of time, but thanks to some careful planning, I don’t need a lot of time today. We’re looking at Playmates’ Command Series Dr. McCoy and a lot of what I have to say about this figure was already said in yesterday’s Captain Pike feature. Still no in-package shot, so let’s just get right to it, so that I can go out and hit the Aldebaran whiskey.



McCoy was definitely a high point in the Abrams films for me. Next to Quinto, I think Karl Urban does the best job owning his original Trek character without lampooning too much. I like Pegg as Scotty, but it’s not really the same Scotty at all. He’s just too wacky for it to feel like a legitimate treatment of the character. Ironically, I would have picked up a Command Series Scotty if Playmates did one. Ideally, I would have liked to have one in each of the shirts… Command, Science, and Engineering, but poor Scotty got stiffed and there were no Red Shirts released in this assortment. Anyway…


The head sculpt is about on par with Pike’s. It’s soft, it’s rather cartoony, but there’s definitely a bit of the actor in there. The paintwork is pretty solid. Again, for a mass market retail figure in this scale, this is passable work. Not great, but passable.

The shirt is the blue version of what we saw yesterday. It’s a little long in the sleeves, but it looks nice from the front and has an ugly seam running up the back where it fastens. The sleeve stripes and chest insignia are all sewn on. The trousers and boot-feet are identical to Pike’s.


McCoy makes use of the exact same body as Pike, and I presume the rest of the Command Series figures. It’s not exactly screen accurate as the barrel-chested body here seems a little bit buff for Karl Urban. That’s ok, though, as I didn’t expect Playmates to churn out a new body for each figure.




Accessories? The same? Not quite. Yes, you get the same phaser and communicator, but you also get a tricorder. Really, Playmates? You couldn’t have just tossed in the tricorder with Pike too? Another odd thing worth pointing out: The belt clip for the communicator is painted silver on McCoy’s belt, but it’s left black on Pike’s. Weird.


Hey, I told ya today would be fast. McCoy’s a decent enough figure for what he is, and you can still find him on clearance at a number of e-tailers. I still say we need some high end sixth-scale Trek figures, although my first choice wouldn’t be from the Abrams reboot. Now if Hot Toys would do movie versions of the Classic Crew? Yeah, I’d be all over most of them. No, it’s never going to happen, but I can dream. And with that I’m off to The Pub. I’ll catch you all tomorrow as I wrap up Star Trek Week with a nod back to the original series.

3 comments on “Star Trek (2009) Command Series: Dr. McCoy by Playmates

  1. As for high-end Star Trek figures – have you heard about the new Quantum Mechanix line? Originally they were done by a fan in limited range in the past years, but now they will be official available to everyone and these are the best Kirk and Spock that have been done. The guy who did them researched for years to get every detail right. It is quite amazing what he has achieved. Sometimes dreams do come true.

    They are still not up on the official QMX page, as they apparently wait for the announcement of the extras. Should come next week or so I hear. But other shops already have them on pre-order, but without the extras then. As far as I know the extras will be the harp instrument for Spock and the phaser gun for Kirk, but we look forward to more information and pictures. They are supposed to come out in July and if they do well, of which I don’t have any doubt, we will get the rest of the bridge crew.

    There are also a Kirk and Spock done by Moebius Models which are supposed to come out in December. I have no idea how it works that two producers have the rights for the same line at the same time, but there we are. They are also looking decent, definitely not just like a toy and I don’t know about the price, maybe they will be cheaper, but the face skulpts are not quite there, especially Kirk. As you probably know, Shatner is hard to get, this is why everyone is so excited about the QMX ones. Just so you don’t get confused when googling them.

    The difference seems also to be that the QMX ones are in third season shirts (in avocado green for Kirk), while the Moebius ones seem to have the velvet uniforms, which looks more yellow.

    • Those loo great. I’m also looking at the One:12 Collective figures by Mezco. Spock was just released and is getting very favorable reviews. Only 6-inch scale, but look great.

      • Oh yeah, I also have the Mezco ones on pre-order but Spock will take till August to arrive in Germany, no idea why. They look amazing. And I have hope to finally get a bridge with them as well, we know they work on the captain’s chair next and in a display it looked like more bridge parts. Depends how well they sell I guess.
        And yeah, even though I don’t have them yet I think I can recommend the QMX figures very highly!

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