Doctor Who: Daleks (3 ¾” Scale) by Character Options

Like it or not, the NuWho scale change is upon us. A couple of weeks back  I checked out The Doctor and Clara, last week it was the TARDIS, and today we’re looking at Daleks. While we Who collectors can wring our hands and gnash our teeth over the fact that we will never get a five-inch scale Clara, or Series 7 Ice Warriors or Cybermen, the Daleks released in CO’s new 3 ¾” line are undeniably a welcome treat. These guys have already been released in the old scale and I have plenty on my shelf to go with my five-inch collection, so there’s no heartbreaking exclusivity issue. Not to mention, I’ve wanted proper 3 ¾” scale Daleks for my other non-Who figures to fight for as long as I can remember. This is win-win, folks, so long as they turned out better than the last two figures we looked at. Here’s a spoiler… they did!


This is the same packaging as we saw last week. The only real difference is that there is no figure stand included.


That’s right, Mr. Dalek! As much as I like the New Paradigm Daleks as toys (not so much on the screen), I’m glad CO went with the regular NuWho Dalek for this scale, or RTD Dalek if you prefer. This is the now familiar coppery colored Dalek first introduced in the Series 1, Ninth Doctor story, “Dalek.” I’m also happy to report that these little guys are like shrunken down versions of their larger scale predecessors with fantastic sculpts and nice clean paintwork. Seriously, if you own the larger scale versions, you should know exactly what to expect from these little little beauties.





Interestingly enough there appear to be some variant Daleks in the line. Some variations are as subtle as the different length eye stalks. So far, I’ve picked up four of these little guys and only one of those has the smaller eye stalk, so it’s clearly a chase figure. But apparently some black Daleks have also turned up in circulation in the UK and are fetching high prices on the secondary market.


Articulation is identical to CO’s five-incher Daleks. The head turns, the eye stalk can raise and lower, and the arms are on ball joints. If you turn him over, he even has the same locomotion as the other Dalek figures, with two wheels in the back and a rotating wheel up front.



If you can’t tell, I’m thrilled with these little Daleks. They take everything that is great about the larger versions and reduce them to the 3 3/4″ scale. Honestly, even if CO hadn’t rebranded NuWho into this scale and just produced these Daleks, I still would have bought a ton of them for the sheer crossover potential alone.


The only downside. Even with four in my collection now, I have another on the way to me. Will I stop there? Who knows!


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