Masters of the Universe Classics: Shokoti by Mattel

So, if you haven’t heard, The Matty Collector Pledge Drive hit their mark, which means that Club Eternia will continue for another year. I’m actually pretty happy about this because this was the first year I decided to sub. There are going to be some seriously cool figures being released in 2014, many which I never thought would ever be made, and while the August figures didn’t exactly sell like gangbusters, I do believe next year’s day of sale events will be a lot more cutthroat. Anyway, this year I did subscribe to the short filmation run and this week the second figure, Shokoti wound up in my postbox.


It may not be Club Eternia, but the packaging is identical to what we’ve been getting all along and yeah, I still love it. Shokoti comes carded with her arms behind her back as if casually waiting to dispense evil. She also comes with her evil beast minion beside her and no other accessories to speak of. Flipping the package over, we get a bio card and a picture of other figures that are mostly no longer available this side of Ebay and your friendly neighborhood scalpers. Let’s see, how am I doing? There’s only one figure there that I don’t have and that’s Fang Man. I had zero interest in Fang Man until he became difficult to get and expensive and now I want him. DAMN YOU FANG MAN!!!


Oh shit… Another Filmation Sub figure means that I have to try to watch the episode. In this case, it’s “House of Shokoti” and if it’s anything like Icer’s episode I’ll soon be begging for the sweet release of death. Wait… what? IT’S TWO PARTS??? Oh, hell no. I actually remember this one a little bit from my childhood. If memory serves Shokoti was a witch who was trapped in some temple under the desert and revived by Trapjaw and a sorcerer named Masque. She threatened to do some evil, had a weird relationship with some kid, and was eventually thwarted by He-Man. Oh yeah, and Ram Man called her Shaboobie or Shapoopie or something. I promised myself if I could recall the overall gist of the episode I wouldn’t make myself watch it. I still can’t remember what the tentacle thing is all about, but I got it close enough. Yes, she’s a one-off villain, but that’s the whole point of this sub-line. Also, I wouldn’t complain if Mattel decided to make Masque somewhere down the road. He’d be an easy figure to make and I wouldn’t mind having him on my shelf. Anyway… let’s look at the figure.



Straightaway, I’m really pleased with the way Shokoti turned out. She is the spitting image of her animated counterpart without being overly simple. The head sculpt is perfect. She’s beauty and sinister evil wrapped up in one great portrait with a distinctive hair sculpt and a very cool headpiece. One nitpick I have is that Shokoti’s cape is sculpted as part of her hair, so you can’t just pop her head and take it off. Sure, she looks fine with the cape on, but I like to have display options. The rest of the figure features a black and blue one-piece dress with a low slung belt and skull belt buckle. The ensemble is wrapped up with a nice pair of boots. The articulation is standard for females of the line and includes the ankle rockers.


Shokoti’s coloring features pale blue skin and a darker blue for her costume. She has tan gloves and glossy black for part of her costume and her boots. The cape is red with blue epaulets. I love the use of the copper color for her headpiece and a belt buckle. I think it works better than if they had gone with a more vibrant gold. Overall, the paint apps on this figure are quite excellent.


I don’t get what’s up with Shokoti’s hands, but I kind of understand now why she’s packaged with them behind her back. She has hands that were intended to clutch some kind of wand or staff, but she doesn’t come with one. The result is that she just looks like she’s giving me the thumbs up… or down depending on how you pose her. It’s weird. They should have given her some spell casting, oogity-boogity hands instead. They also seem rather small for her. I’ll just pretend it’s part of her signature move. She throws a ball of tentacles at your face and then gives the thumbs up to the camera.





Nope, no wand or staff, but you do get this guy. He’s definitely a cool piece, but I still don’t know who he is. Is it the great evil that she was trying to summon in the episode? Feel free to email me with the Subject Line, FIGUREFAN, YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT ABOUT THE HE-MANS, or just put it in the comments below. He has a very Cthulhu-like vibe to him, and I can think of more than a few other toy lines where he might fit in pretty well.



Yup, I dig this figure a lot! Besides just being really well executed, I like the idea of having another female baddie for my display and possibly to pillow-fight with Evil-Lyn for the pleasure of Skeletor. “BEASTMAN… PREPARE THE ARENA OF PILLOWS!!!” Yes, the hands are odd and they make the absence of any kind of staff-like accessory rather conspicuous, but it’s something that I can overlook when the figure is this good. So far the Filmation Sub is two for two… Keep them coming, Matty!

2 comments on “Masters of the Universe Classics: Shokoti by Mattel

  1. Excellent review. I really love the Ram Man toon you took the time to work up! Heh heh. My first taste of Filmation HeMan was watching the entire series last year with my 2 boys when they were 9 and 6 and the Shokoti 2parter was an epic offering. Granted I get weak in the knees whenever I see a cartoon penned by Larry (She:PoP, Transformers Beast Wars) DiTillio. I was too angry with Mattel to parallel sub so ended up preordering Shokoti from BBTS for a nice markup. I bought Icer after you posted your review. I hate to think what its gonna be like for me to get add SheRa’s piratey boyfriend to my collection…I’m gonna end up paying double for the Filmation sub after all is said and done…Oy!

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