Transformers Generations: Megatron (IDW Comic Pack) by Hasbro

The IDW comic packs have arrived and I am a happy camper! If you’ve been kicking around FFZ for the past three years you may know that I absolutely adore the idea of packaging action figures with comics. The presentation can’t be beat and hey… free comic! I got the first wave of these in last week and I thought I’d start things rolling with Megatron. He’s the one figure in this assortment that I was probably least excited for, mainly because War for Cybertron Megs is still my go-to Megs for my TF display. I didn’t think there was much chance of this one knocking him out of the spotlight, but let’s find out if I was wrong…


Yup… That’s what I call awesome packaging! Megs comes carded in his robot form with an issue of the IDW comic behind him sporting an exclusive cover. Honestly, I’m not terribly keen on the cover. The art is nice, but the coloring is rather bland. I think it would have worked better had they left it alone, but I can understand why they wanted something more focused on Megatron. The card points out that this is one of Hasbro’s “Thrilling Thirty” as part of the 30th Anniversary line. As usual, I’m going to start out with Megs’ alt mode, but first let’s look at the comic!


I did not come back to Transformers comics until the debut of More Than Meets the Eye and Robots in Disguise, so this ish is a new one by me. This was a great issue to include with the figure because it involves Megatron returning to lead the Decepticons in his new stealth bomber alt mode. It’s a good stand-alone read and it focuses on the familiar Megatron and Starscream trope in what plays out like some kind of bizarre sado-masochistic passion play.




Ok, so as mentioned, Megatron is a stealth bomber, and a mighty nice looking one at that. He pegs together very well and he’s sized about right for a Deluxe. There aren’t a lot of paint apps going on here. He’s molded in black plastic and has a little red for the windows and some grey accents. I would have loved to see purple panel lining from Len O’Grady’s coloring, but I can understand why it didn’t cost out for the figure. If you flip him over you’ll see a lot of purple as well as a good portion of his robot mode peeking out at you.  Megatron has a single landing gear near the nose that folds down. It’s a nice touch, especially since it’s not really needed for the aircraft to balance on a surface. Apart from looking good, Megatron’s alt mode has no play features or gimmicks or anything like that. He does have a pair of ports on his back, which can be used to mount weapons from just about any recent Deluxe Transformer. I suspect the weapons from Fall of Cybertron Skywarp would look rather bitchin on him.



I found transforming Megatron into jet mode was rather fidgety at first, but I was eventually able to do it without instructions. Getting him into robot mode, on the other hand, is pretty simple and intuitive. The only unusual thing is that you have to pull off his wings to form his fusion cannon, but more on that in a bit. When you’re done you get a robot that is a pretty damn fine approximation of the artwork in the comic. It’s not perfect, but it’s an extremely respectable attempt on Hasbro’s part. He’s very well proportioned and I really dig the triangular torso with the engine intakes on his shoulders. The head sculpt is spot-on, and while I tend to prefer the more angular and robotic faces of old, the organic Nick Roche style really shines through quite nicely on this figure.



In robot mode, Megatron’s deco gets a little more interesting. Sure, there’s still plenty of black from the bomber mode, but now you’ve got two shades of purple, as well as the bits of grey and red. It’s a very Skywarpy look, and that compounds my main issue with this figure: It just doesn’t feel like Megatron to me.



As mentioned, the wing tips pull off and get pegged together and then placed on either of his arms to form his fusion cannon. It’s not very traditional, but it does have a certain alien energy weapon look to it, and it does fit the artwork. You can pull out the front of it to reveal some translucent purple, which looks fantastic.


By every account, this is an excellent figure. Hasbro took the comic book art, worked out the engineering and did so brilliantly. He’s not really my Megatron, but if you’re a fan of this comic run, chances are you’ll really dig this guy. But even if this guy isn’t going to replace FoC Megatron on my display shelf, I can still appreciate him as a great Transformer and a cool stand-alone figure in my collection.

12 comments on “Transformers Generations: Megatron (IDW Comic Pack) by Hasbro

  1. I was stoked when I saw the the 4 figures from this deluxe wave at my local shabby KMart. For $12.99 too which was nice. I’m guessing the “bump up” TRU near my office will be jacking $18.99 for “thrilling 30 oooh” deluxes. Hasbro did a nice job with these and the pack in comic is shweet. Heck a comic book alone at the LCS will set you back $4. Yeah I too like my toys packed with comics…Toybiz Marvel Legends wherefore art thou?

    • I have a TRU and a Walmart in my town and still no prayer of ever finding these in stores around here. 😦 I usually wait until BBTS or TFSource has enough stuff that I want, and place an order.

      • I have no TRU, just a Target and a Walmart and both are pretty desolate for toys. That’s why I do the Pile of Loot at BBTS. I still wind up shipping it almost once a week, so obviously I need a 12-step program or something.

      • I’m really glad to hear that, because I am the same…between them and TF Source, it’s a once-a-week habit.

        Compound that with my obvious OCD music collection and Houston, we have a problem.

  2. In the DC suburb here I’m up to my arse in Targets, TRUs, and Walliemarts not to mention crapholes like Tuesday Mornings, Big Lots, Ross, Marshalls, and 5Belows. I went to Target today hunting for $15 Rocket Raccoon MLs but paid $11 instead for a bunch of 3 3/4″ MU figures to put around the $20 clearance QuinJet I scored at TJMaxx last week (Thanos, dark Hawkeye etc) and was reminiscing about ye olde Toybiz days of Marvel Legends.
    OCD’d on music when I was “cool” and built up a collection of some 1500 CDs through weekly runs to the indie music shops around DC. Now I’m a sad sack selling off my CDs for 10 cents on the dollar to procure TFs, SW, GIJoe, and Marvel. I hit BBTS and TFSource every few months. My Shokoti just came today from BBTS- booyeah!!

  3. I rarely look at MU except to add a little spice to my 3 3/4″ ToyBiz Showdown figures. A recent glow arms Blaastar scored at a boutique toy store comes to mind. But yeah seeing Thanos got me pretty pumped. It looked like Thanos and Dark Hawkeye are part of some revision case- series 15. Getting the QuinJet for $20 last week at TJMaxx stoked my MU bug. Now I want the Hellicarrier playset!!!
    $11 a pop at Target is steep for 3 3/4″. Problem is when there’s a sale there is no way you’ll find a guy like Thanos. Some ToyBiz 3 3/4″ figures were downright terrible so I got the newest Punisher to replace the Toybiz one which looks like it has jaundice. I also got the newest Spiderman as the arms and legs always pop off the old Toybiz one. The only old Toybiz figure I really need to replace at this point is FF Invisible Woman. The ToyBiz version of her in that scale has a face sculpt that looks like plastic surgery gone horribly wrong and as she rides around in the movie Fantisticar we got we always see her grotesque face mask:

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