Lineage 2: Elf Statue (Second Edition) by Orchid Seed

I know precious little about the Lineage franchise apart from being vaguely aware of it as an online PC game. I do know that I dig the art and character design that I’ve seen in it almost enough to tempt me to give it a try. If it weren’t an online game I would have certainly experienced it by now, but WoW notwithstanding, I’m not a big fan of MMORPGs nor do I have the time needed to devote to starting a new one. Nonetheless, I am a big fan of PVC statues and hawt sexy elves, and I’ve noticed some of these at my local indie game shop in the past. Surprisingly, they sold out rather quickly, but I recently pre-ordered one online and since then, I found this one at a good price on another site.


The statue is brought to us by Orchid Seed and this is the first one of their products that I own. The box has a pinkish hue and a large window on the front to show off the statue and a smaller one on the top to let some light in. The side panels show off one of the other Elf statues in this line, while the rear panel shows different shots of this particular piece. The First Edition of this piece featured different colored hair and different accessories. Inside the box, the statue comes between two plastic trays. The figure itself comes fully assembled, but detached from her base and her two staves are beside her. Everything is collector friendly so you can pack her back into the box for storage or MIB display. Plugging the statue into the base is a little frustrating. The pegs don’t fit all that well and I thought I was doing it wrong because of the position of her feet. It turns out that her stance is just a little awkward, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Taking a step back, you can disassemble the statue by removing the arms and the head. This allows you to remove her half-jacket for a different display option. The cut for the neck is disguised by her choker and the cuts at the biceps are disguised by her arm bands, so if you like the bare shoulder look, it works quite well. It’s also as good as any place to start if we want to get a good look at the base figure.




This is a really beautiful sculpt on every level. The pose has her with one hand fussing with her long pink hair and the other down at her hip so as to hold one of her staves at her side. Her hair is parted on the sides to show off her sizeable elf ears and she’s looking downward. She has one hip thrust to the side and one foot in front of the other. The placement of the feet is the only thing that I can nitpick here. They’re just set at an awkward ankle, which makes it look to me like she’s staggering. It actually looks fine from certain angles, but from dead on I just get the impression that she’s having trouble walking in those shoes. Speaking of shoes, let’s check out her costume, and to do that I’m going to pop her jacket back on.



Yes, the jacket and skirt are made out of very soft, pliable plastic. I actually find it easier to get the jacket back on than it is to get it off. The skirt is a separate piece as well, which could be removed if it was able to clear her hips or chest. Both pieces are excellent sculpts and feature some really nice gold decorations and lace finery. The jacket covers an equally ornate corset top and it is a Japanese statue so if you were so inclined to peek under her skirt you’d see a set of ornately sculpted and rather flimsy panties. The outfit is rounded out by an ornate choker collar and a pair of high heeled sandals. I’m really impressed by all the work that went into the ornate deco of the costume. As beautiful as the girl is, it’s the finery in the outfit that really makes this statue shine.





As mentioned, you get two staves, which can be placed into her left hand. You just pull the end piece off and then reattach it once it’s in place. Both staves are beautifully sculpted. One has a blue orb and the other has an ornate face. I love them both, but I’m probably going to stick with the demon face one for my regular display.


The base is a simple clear disc tinted pink. I’ve said my piece about the foot pegs, so I won’t beat a dead horse. The base has a nice frosted deco etched into it along with “Elf Second Edition” toward the front. It’s simple but elegant.


I’ve avoided these statues in the past because they do run higher than I’m used to paying for my 1/7 scale PVC. It’s hard to justify spending over $100 when I can get my PVC statue fix from Koto for about half that. Nonetheless, I have a soft spot for sexy elves, and I was able to pick this little lady up from Entertainment Earth for $65, which seemed like a good opportunity to introduce myself to the line. It’s also a steal when you consider that the First Edition has surpassed $150 on the secondary market. She’s definitely a beautiful piece and I’m looking forward to getting the next release when it comes out later this month.

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