Masters of the Universe Classics: Octavia by Mattel

I had originally planned on looking at the Jet Sled and Sky High today, but the USPS had other plans. Despite the tracking telling me it was delivered last Tuesday, I have to beg to differ. I’m pursuing the issue, but I’m not terribly optimistic about a favorable outcome. Getting something lost in the mail sucks, but I’ve got a lot of third-party Transformers coming in these days, so if the USPS had to lose something, I’m kind of glad that’s what it was. Anywho… In an effort to keep today’s slot about MOTUC, I’m substituting in this figure, which happened to be sitting around and waiting to be opened… Ok, end of prologue… let’s go!

So, we’re still a couple of weeks away from the next Sale Day for Matty’s Club Eternia, but I’ve been doing a little MOTUC shopping early to pick up some figures I was missing. One of those figures was Octavia, because with just Hordak, Katra, and Grizzlor, my Horde Forces are rather weak. I can’t remember whether Octavia sold out super-fast, or I just wasn’t privy to her Day of Sale, but having to pick her up second hand cost me an extra ten bucks. Let’s see if she was worth it…


In package, Octavia offers few surprises. It’s the same great green brick Greyskull-inspired packaging we always see with the additional Horde sticker on the bubble. She is, however, an absolute bitch to get out. The figure is secured with clear rubber bands, which are woven throughout the tentacles and the crossbow. It’s a veritable Gordian knot that demands to be cut if you ever want to free her.


Flip the card over and you get some previously released figures and Octavia’s biography. I have absolutely no recollection of the character from her pair of appearances on She-Ra, but having She-Ra on the TV was a dangerous thing. If detected, it would provoke instant teasing from my older brother and that would result in a cage match that often led to getting both of us grounded. Anyway, I’m missing quite a few of the figures on the back here. Of the six pictured, I only have Grizzlor and Katra.



While Octavia is not really complete without her tentacles, they take up a lot of room and chances are I may have to display her without them, so I thought we’d start by just looking at the base figure. For a disgusting fin-headed sea monster, Octavia is kind of smoking hot. Hey, Rule 34 tells me that at least one of you out there is into this chick! She uses a fairly standard female buck with a one-piece dress layered onto the figure. The belt is a new sculpt, as is the awesome Horde emblem on the front. She has simple red gloves and some really snazzy boots, each with a Horde symbol sculpted in. The coloring here is a bit drab with the dress being… what would you call that? Ochre? But the high gloss black paint for the boots helps and I do like the color green they used for her skin.


The portrait is very cool. Octavia looks a little more pouty than angry, but I like the head sculpt a lot and the flowing orange hair is just crazy enough to work. The paintwork on the face is quite nice and I dig the crazy eye shadow.




Octavia’s tentacles are four independent pieces, each with a hinged ball joint that plugs into a socket on her back. It helps to pop her head off to get that hair out of the way and some of them are tough to get in. Once set up, though, they’re totally impressive, and I am surprised how relatively easy it is to get her to stand with them. They have a little bit of bendy element to them and the ball joint and hinges give you some added poseability. You can also mix up the way you insert them to offer some different configurations. Each tentacle is sculpted with some rings and there are suckers at the ends. It would have been nice if Matty could have matched the color a little better with her skin, but it’s close enough.


In addition to the hinges and ball joints on the tentacles, Octavia has the usual articulation for the MOTUC female buck. The arms have ball jointed shoulders, swivels in the biceps and wrists, and hinged elbows. The legs are ball jointed at the hips with swivels, and there are hinges in the knees and ankles. She can swivel at the waist and her head is ball jointed. As expected, there is no ab crunch.



With a lot of arms, comes a lot of accessories! Octavia comes with a Horde crossbow with a Cthulu-like face sculpted on the end of it. She also comes with four identical swords that can clip to her tentacles. What I love about the swords is that they don’t have crazy hilts to accommodate the tentacles. Nope, they’re designed so they can also be wielded by any MOTUC figure.


As I hinted at earlier, the only issue I have with this figure is the space I’m going to need to display her. My MOTUC shelves are getting rather congested, and you need a lot of room to display Octavia in all her tentacle flailing glory. Truth be told, she looks good enough displayed without them, but it’s almost a shame to do that because when you get them deployed and each wielding a sword, she looks absolutely bitchin’! I do think it’s kind of strange that we got her before some of the other Princess of Power characters, like Glimmer or Scorpia, but since those ladies are on their way next year, I’m not going to complain. Octavia is indeed an excellent figure.

One comment on “Masters of the Universe Classics: Octavia by Mattel

  1. Looks like She-Ra had tentacles before anime made them cool. I think Octavia and James T Kirk would get on well. He has a thing for green women.

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