Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry, but I’m skipping Transformers Thursday this week and taking the day off. I worked until 2am last night; I’m going to spend today with family and then I’ll be back to work until the wee hours to try to control and coordinate the carnage of conspicuous consumerism known as Black Friday. I hope to be managing it from the safety of my posh bunker, but I don’t want any of my troops getting killed! So, if you’re going out tonight for shopping, try to take it easy and remember, nothing is worth getting trampled over, nor is anything worth trampling someone else over. Don’t compromise being a good person to get a good deal on a shitty doorbuster TV.

Everyone have a great day and I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

By figurefanzero

12 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving!

      • Aww, thanks man 🙂

        And just to stay on topic of toys…my Smartbird and Quad U should be shipping soon. So here’s a question for ya: Have you found a good gun to put with Quad U? Because I really want mine to have a gun too.

      • Better duct tape your head because when you get Q-U it’s going to explode from awesome!

        I haven’t found mine a gun yet. I was thinking of giving him one of Code’s, like he stole it from him. Right now I just have him posing with a sword.

        I’m hoping my Not-Brainstorm ships tomorrow. Maybe I’ll get it by middle of next week. The Function series is so freaking amazing.

      • TF Source? I’m sure it won’t be long. My mistake was pre-ordering both together so I had to wait so long for Quad U.

        Any idea what the next fig in the series is? Mindwipe or Skullcruncher hopefully?

      • The unpainted proto for Mindwipe was shown off and looked pretty sweet. Never had him as a kid. Skullcruncher would be welcome. He was probably my favorite original Headmaster toy.

      • I never had very many of these Headmasters as a kid! All of them are a treat to me. I only have two — Brainstorm and Snapdragon. Well and now Encore Fort Max.

        And I’ll tell you what I loved about the Headmasters. When the Transformers line came out you could tell all the cars and planes were originally designed to carry a driver. I loved the clear windshields and design elements of that because it made sense. But mostly I loved the clear windshields. Headmasters really resurrected that concept in a cool way and I loved it.

        By the way, got issue 96 of Re-Gen One in front of me right now. About to dig in. SPOILER: Fort Max ain’t dead.

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