Masters of the Universe Classics: Seahawk by Mattel

Club Filmation has been very good to me. I subbed this thing on a drunken whim and I have to say alcohol did me right because I think every figure so far has been a hit. Today we’re checking out the penultimate release in the line: Seahawk. This is one of those figures where Matty pulled some shenanigans by announcing that he would not be available for Day of Sale purchase and only to those who did the sub. From what I’ve read he seems to be a fan favorite, although I honestly don’t remember him from the series, but I gather he’s famous for getting himself a slice of that Adora pie. I guess he’s also got some major chops because he actually had an episode named after him. By now, you know the Club Filmation drill and that I’ve committed myself to watching each of these characters’ episodes. I’m going to go pour myself a generous glass of Jameson and then it’s off to the Internets to watch “The Sea Hawk.” I’ll be back in about 25 minutes…


Wow, I forgot how much I dig the She-Ra intro. Maybe that’s just as bad as admitting to liking ABBA, but something about She-Ra’s opening seems so much slicker than the He-Man intro. Anyway, the story begins with She-Ra going to Seaworthy, a town of annoying little shits who all sound exactly like Orko and are being plagued by Captain Seahawk and his band of pirates. The pirates raid villages for supplies and then sell them to The Horde. Inexplicably, she decides to deal with the problem as Adora and we soon learn that Seahawk is the typical good man confused into doing bad things. But he’s not done doing bad things yet because he turns Adora over to Catra and Grizzlor to protect his own hide. Holy shit, Catra’s voice is annoying. I wonder if she has a sandpaper tongue, too. Anyway, it takes Seahawk’s portly skipper and some kind of magic sea fairy, which is never actually explained, to convince him otherwise. The episode culminates in a flying pirate ship attacking a Horde Zeppelin and Seahawk becoming one of the good guys. I’ll be honest, this one wasn’t as painful as some of the He-Man episodes I’ve had to watch. Seahawk made more appearances in She-Ra, but I’m running low on Jameson, so I’ll have to save those for another day. Let’s be looking at the figure, ARRRR!


Seahawk comes in a typical MOTUC style package. We’ve seen it tons of times but that has not dulled it’s sheen of awesome. I’d comment on the bio or other figures shown on the back, but I shredded the package and pitched it before I could get a chance. I’m an opener… that’s how I roll.



And there he is, behold the only pirate in Etheria with the manly chops to make booty calls to both She-Ra and Adora. Maybe that was only implied in the cartoon, but rest assured in my prolific Slash-Fics it happens on a regular basis. Wait, what? But before we get to the particulars, let me address the fact that some collectors appear to be butt hurt over the fact that the figure is all buffed out and that puts him at odds with his appearance in the Filmation cartoon. Seriously? That’s a complaint? This guy is built on the same style male buck as all the MOTUC figures and that is pretty much the point of the line. If Seahawk did get a vintage figure way back when, you can rest assured he’d still be all buffed out. It doesn’t bother me at all. It maintains the consistency of the line’s aesthetics and quite frankly I’m surprised that this is even an issue with some. Maybe it’s just non-subbers trying to convince themselves they don’t want him because he wasn’t available Day of Sale.


The portrait is pretty fantastic, as have been just about all the Club Filmation figures. You could argue that Nepthu was the only misstep there, and that’s just because he didn’t look evil. But, Seahawk’s noggin is an excellent sculpt, which takes the Filmation likeness and infuses it with a little Classics style realism. He sports a noble visage with a little spark of mischief. Even the color of his mustache is at odds with his red hair just like with the Filmation character, which makes me wonder if he’s a real ginger. I bet She-Ra knows… am I right?


Anywho, I am by no means a completist with this line, but Seahawk seems to feature a ton of new tooling. At least it’s new to me. If he’s borrowed a lot of parts, then they’re from figures that aren’t in my collection. The figure hits all the right points of Seahawk’s Filmation outfit, particularly the vest, which is a rubbery plastic removable piece, complete with stylish blue shoulder pads, roguish high collar, and swashbuckleriffic purple scarf. Hey, the other eligible bachelor in Etheria wears a heart on his armor, I think Seahawk can safely get away with a purple neck accessory. And speaking of purple, the colors on this figure really hit home. You get the chocolate brown leathery goodness of his gauntlets, boots, and vest, mixed with the blue fixturing. They aren’t two colors that one usually associates as an ensemble, but they look damn nice on the figure.




Seahawk comes with two accessories. You get his laser cutlass and what I assume is an energy shield. The cutlass could have been modeled a little better on the Filmation weapon. As it still had a sort of dagger blade when it wasn’t activated, and it would have been cool if we could have had a de-activated cutlass and belt sheath, but the sword we got is still plenty cool. I’m at odds with the shield. I think it looks pretty good when displayed on the figure, but I doubt I’ll keep it on him when he’s on my shelf.



In terms of character selection, Seahawk seems to have been one of the biggest selling points for the Sub. Honestly, that wasn’t the case for me, I just thought they all looked like great figures, and so far they all have been just that. I certainly can’t deny the appeal of having another figure to add to my Rebellion, and since I still don’t own Bow, Seahawk is currently the only rooster in Etheria’s hen house. He’s a fantastic figure and yet another reason why I am so very glad that I subbed this little line. With only one more figure left to release next month, I’m kind of sad to see it go, although Matty has been dropping hints that another mini-sub next year wouldn’t be out of the question. If it’s Club Filmation Part Deux, I’ll definitely be on board again.

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