Doctor Who: Weeping Angel (3 ¾” Scale) by Character Options

[Merry Christmas, peeps and toy-hounds! This is actually a recording as I am off celebrating Christmas with my family and after that I will be coming home, getting snockered drunk (hopefully off a nice bottle of Scotch that some generous friend bestowed upon me as a Christmas present) and watching “Time of the Doctor” where we will be waving off the 11th Doctor. Oh, boy… Scotch and a regeneration episode. Before this night is over I’ll likely be crying like a baby. A big drunken baby.  Anywho, today’s feature was carefully chosen because it is Doctor Who content, and because nothing says Merry Christmas more than a creepy-ass stone angel that wants to kill you. Enjoy and have a great holiday!]

The last batch of 3 ¾” Doctor Who figures that I featured here on FFZ came from the wave of variants, but there was one figure in the original wave that I initially passed on and that was the Weeping Angel. I’m just not as smitten with these monsters as most fans seem to be, so picking up a tiny version wasn’t high on my list. Nevertheless, when I put in my order for the variant figures at Who North America, they still had some of these left, and so I decided to just complete the wave and get one, because.. well, why not? It’s not exactly a ringing endorsement for the figure, but let’s see how she/he/it turned out.


Here’s the packaging. We’ve seen it plenty of times now, so I won’t dwell on it. In fact, the only thing I’ll say here is that I’m really surprised that CO packed a stand in with this figure. It obviously doesn’t need it, but we got one nonetheless and there is indeed a peg hole in the bottom of the angel to plug it into the stand if you so desire. This pleases me because my borderline OCD demands that if one figure in a collection is displayed with a stand, they all should be.



Out of the package and I’m pretty impressed with how this little angel turned out. The sculpt is quite good. In fact, all things considered, it’s probably one of the better ones in this collection. The head is detailed and is as disturbing as a screaming alien-demon-angel creature should look. The robes are sculpted with all the pleats and wrinkles, and the wings are feathered. What’s more, the coloring and paint wash really do conspire to give the figure a pretty convincing stone look.




As you might expect, there isn’t a lot of articulation to be had here. The Weeping Angel has that classic tee-pee design that a lot of figures wearing robes or long skirts have. In this case, however, the robes are one solid piece and there’s nothing under them. Granted, the 5-inch version had a shorter skirt and actual legs, but considering the smaller scale here, I’m not complaining. It’s certainly fitting for a figure that is supposed to be a stone statue and besides the 5-inch version can’t stand on its own very well, so I’m not sure the legs helped it. This smaller Angel does feature ball joints in the neck and shoulders, and it can swivel at the waist. The arms are sculpted slightly bent, so you can get them into various boogity-boogity poses and that’s good enough for me.



The 3 ¾” Doctor Who line has certainly had its ups and downs, but I’m going to count the Weeping Angel in the plus column. It’s a nice looking piece with a good sculpt and a nice, realistic looking finish. Plus, considering the subject at hand, the limited articulation really shouldn’t bother anyone. After all, if you’re looking at the Weeping Angel figure it shouldn’t be moving at all, right? If I was a bigger fan of the Angels, I could see myself grabbing a few more, but seeing as how I’m lukewarm on these monsters, so one should suffice.

6 comments on “Doctor Who: Weeping Angel (3 ¾” Scale) by Character Options

  1. Much prefer this version; the calm-faced one has the major design flaw that while its hands are slightly cupped, palms up, it doesn’t have any elbow articulation so that it can bring them up to cover its face! Now I just need to find the variant…!

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