Marvel Legends Infinite: Red Skull by Hasbro

Well, it took me a while to do it, but today I’m going to wrap up my look at the Captain America wave of Marvel Legends Infinite. I know, I know. I haven’t featured Black Widow yet. She’s supposed to be getting a second release at some point, so I’m still trying to resist dropping forty bucks to get her unless I absolutely have to. Let’s check out Red Skull. Hail Hydra!


There’s the packaging. I’ve got nothing new to add other than to reiterate how much I love the combination of peg hanging card and collector friendly box design. Red Skull comes with one of the arms of the BAF Mandroid and his accessories arranged around him on the tray. Keep in mind, this figure shares the slot with the Hydra Soldier so the name Red Skull doesn’t actually appear on the package. Instead, it just says Agents of Hydra.



A lot of collectors have been referring to this figure as the “Nick Fury Red Skull,” but I think it would be more topical to call him “Punisher Red Skull” because this figure is like 95% Punisher. I’m not averse to the recycling of parts when it makes good sense and yeah, it kind of makes sense here. The trench coat, which we saw used as far back as Fantomex, is sort of appropriate, but it’s a very distinctive piece and it’s hard to look at it from a fresh perspective, particularly when I have two other examples of it standing on the same shelf. The rest of the figure also screams Punisher to me too much to make me look past the recycling. I think maybe it’s the fact that the coloring is so similar between them. At least the Hydra insignia on his shoulders are nice. Also on the plus side, I do really dig the comic inspired portrait. It’s a great head sculpt with some mighty nice paint to back it up.


The articulation here is the same as we got with The Punisher, and why not? It’s practically the same figure. The head is ball jointed and includes the extra hinge to help him look up and down. The arms are ball jointed at the shoulders, double hinged at the elbows, have swivel cuts in the biceps, and the wrists have hinges and swivels. The legs are ball jointed with swivels at the hips, hinged at the knees, and the ankles have hinges and swivel. There’s also a ball joint in his torso. Some of the hinges are a little soft, but Red Skull is still fun to pose.





Red Skull comes with three accessories. You get a Tesseract, and yes it’s just a clear blue cube, but hey who doesn’t want a 6-inch scale Cosmic Cube for their collection? You get a pretty dopey little red automatic pistol, and you get some kind of funky looking pistol, which I presume is meant to be Hydra technology. Red Skull has two functional holsters, one on his right hip and one in a shoulder holster. Unfortunately, only the red gun fits comfortably into them.



I can’t deny it’s nice to add a Red Skull to my Marvel Legends shelf, but I would have liked something more unique than what we got. The recycling here isn’t a total reach, but it isn’t removed enough from The Punisher to make it work for me as anything other than a quick-and-dirty repaint and kitbash. I realize Red Skull wasn’t in the movie, but considering we didn’t get a 6-inch scale version from The First Avenger, now would have been a good time to do him justice.

2 comments on “Marvel Legends Infinite: Red Skull by Hasbro

  1. Cool review. The ToyBiz Red Skull was solid and this was a nice update and what I considered a battleized version. I was glad to add a 2nd RedSkull and 2nd Baron Zemo to the collection. I hope we get a shot at Black Widow/Mandroid’s torso. Seeing a Hot Wheels goofball fingering the Cap ML peg at Kmart a few weeks ago had me feeling ill. I had to go long ($30 each) on ML Spidey Black Cat and Carnage but am loathe to go higher then that to feed the scalper machine. I gots the TRU Widow/WinterSoldier 2pack which I like so would sooner pay $10 for the BAF torso then go all nuts.

    • Yeah, I wound up dropping $35 on Black Cat. Hope to feature her next week. I don’t know why I’m willing to Sub MOTUC at $35 or so a figure with shipping, but I’m skiddish on doing the same with Marvel Legends.

      I’m still hoping to find Black Widow for the $30-40 range at some point.

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