Masters of the Universe Classics: Scorpia by Mattel

Like it or not, Matty seems to be focusing a lot on Princess of Power for 2014. I’m perfectly happy with that, not only because they’ve all been great figures, but it’s also nice to see a line put such an emphasis on female action figures. It took us forever just to get a 6-inch movie version of Black Widow out of Hasbro but Masters has been churning out the ladies in droves. I suppose that’s one of the benefits of not having to bend to the whims of retailers. For May, Matty doubled up with both a regular monthly figure and a quarterly beast. Today we’re checking out Scorpia and next week we’ll take a look at Battle Lion.


You know the drill by now. Scorpia comes in the usual Greyskull-inspired package. She’s mounted inside the bubble on her side to accommodate that tail of hers. There’s a sticker on the bubble that signifies she is a member of “The Evil Horde” and her tagline is “Stinging Horde Enforcer!” The back of the card shows other Horde figures (Damn, I really need that Leech!) and the usual bio card. Wait… Scorpia’s real name is Lynda D’ream? There’s a stripper name if I ever heard one! Let’s get her open and check her out!



I never watched a lot of She-Ra, but for whatever reason I remember Scorpia really well. Maybe she made an impact on me or I just happened to catch her episodes the most. Either way, I was excited to get this figure and I’m extremely pleased with the way she turned out. Her costume really advertises her Horde alliance what with the black and red deco and the Horde emblem sculpted rather creatively into her belt and the way the wings seem to rise up and cradle her boobs. Even before we get to her scorpion parts, it feels like a lot of original work went into this figure. She just seems really fresh. The scorpion parts are made of textured red plastic and include her shoulder armor, her dainty little claw and that long, lean and sexy tail. Mmmm… nothing does it for me like arachnid parts on a woman.



The tail itself is surprisingly light. It’s made of very soft plastic and has one swivel cut in the first segment after it comes off her tushie. Some may complain that it isn’t actually articulated more, but I think what’s here works well. You can stretch it out and maneuver it into all sorts of positions and it will snap back to its natural state. It also doesn’t hinder the figure’s balance at all, but I’ll come back to that in a bit.


The portrait here is fantastic. When I looked at Netossa last week I expressed a bit of fatigue over the sameness in many of the MOTUC lady portraits. That’s certainly not the case with Scorpia. Her face sculpt is as unique as they come. She’s just the right mix of scary and pretty, which is something I tend to attribute to my ex-fiancé. The paint apps on her face are also immaculate and I really dig the look of her exaggerated green eye shadow. Everything about this figure’s sculpt and paint are a homerun.



Moving on to articulation and yeah, it’s mostly the same old song. But while the points are mostly the same, Scorpia feels like her articulation is a lot more serviceable. I’m thinking it has to do with the fact that there isn’t anything hindering those hips, but whatever the case I had an unusually great amount of fun posing her and it doesn’t hurt that she’s an extremely well balanced figure. Even with a set of high heeled boots and a big tail hanging off her back, she’s still quite easy to keep standing.



You get one accessory with Scorpia and that’s her Horde crossbow.  Now, I’m quite partial to all the Horde crossbows so I was going to love this piece no matter what, but I still think this is one of the cooler ones. Scorpia may be part arachnid, but she’s also a girl and that means she needs to accessorize. Naturally, her crossbow is a custom piece with a very chic scorpion theme. The sculpt and paint on it are really beautiful and it clips onto her tiny little wrist quite well.



If you haven’t figured it out by now, I think Scorpia is an awesome figure and I’m happy to have her join Catra and Octavia as a trio of Evil Horde ladies on my shelf. I don’t keep a finger on the pulse of the Masters fandom, so I’m not sure whether those collectors have warmed up to the idea of lots of PoP figures invading their Classics line, but personally, I can’t get enough of these gals. As vintage toys, these were characters were basically dolls and didn’t mesh well with the vintage Masters figures, but to get them as actual action figures is just really cool. It’s no wonder I picked up the Club Etheria Sub too. Honestly, if we got nothing but PoP figures for the rest of the year, and they were all as good as Scorpia, I would be perfectly fine with that.

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