Marvel Universe: Mysterio by Hasbro

I continue to push through the remaining unopened Marvel Universe figures in my collection so that I can start opening the Infinite figures in my collection. Today’s figure is one that I was very excited to get. When Mysterio was announced I thought for sure he’d be one of those “impossible to find anywhere but for $30 on the Interweb” figures. He was a little tough to locate for a short while, but eventually he turned up on Amazon for regular retail price. No arguments here. Anyway, I always loved the character and getting him in the 3 ¾” scale is awesome because he’s definitely going to be freelancing for Cobra. Let’s check him out!


Oh, how I’m going to miss this packaging. I’ll miss hardly ever seeing it on the pegs. I’ll miss how when I do see it on the pegs it’s the same damn Iron Man and Captain America figure over and over again. The new Infinity packaging bores me to tears, but I guess we’ll deal with that when I get to it. For now, let’s just bask in the colorful comic-book goodness of the now defunct MU packages. Mysterio’s card sports some great character art… or at least it would if he didn’t just have a dome for a head. Of course, these more recent releases didn’t come with a stand or much of anything else, so Mysterio is just left to go it alone in his bubble.



And there he is, out of the package and ready to work his illusions on us. Mysterio is the epitome of Hasbro’s successful MU formula: Paint a basic buck, sculpt some new parts, and make it a new character. That’s not really meant as a complaint. Obviously, It would be great if each figure was lovingly sculpted from scratch, but if this is what Hasbro needs to do to get us an action figure of a character like Mysterio, then I’m perfectly fine with that, even if this figure takes it to the extreme. Mysterio consists of a green buck with gold painted boots and hands. Damn, that gold paint is purdy. Apart from his helmet and cape ensemble, the only new parts here are his squared off bracers, which admittedly have some nice scrollwork sculpted into them. Yes, there is a head sculpt under that dome, and I’ve heard from numerous sources that it was intended for customizers as a Chameleon sculpt, but even if that’s the case it won’t matter to most collectors.


In fact, I’d have much preferred no head sculpt and having a more permanently attached cape and helmet because Mysterio’s mysterious ensemble falls apart way too easily. The cape uses simple gravity to rest on the figure’s shoulders and the dome fits into tabs on the front and back of the cape. These tabs do a pretty piss-poor job of holding the globe in place and the cape really could have used a peg or something in the back to make it more stable. That having been said, the cape is cast in a very cool semi-translucent purple plastic with painted gold fasteners and the frosted look of the globe helmet works beautifully. Honestly, a little strategic use of gorilla glue will solve this figure’s main issues.



As far as articulation goes, Mysterio is built on one of the modern and better articulated bucks. That means he features ball joints in the neck, shoulders and hips. He has hinges in the elbows and double-hinges in the knees. There are swivels in the biceps, wrists, waist, thighs, and boots. His ankles are hinged and feature rockers as well and he has a ball joint in the torso.





The minor gripes I have with Mysterio are easily fixed with glue and in the end I really dig this figure. I know some collectors will balk at the parts re-use and all that jazz, but I’m fine with it because in the end it works. I mean, hey, I have a 3 ¾” Mysterio figure. How cool is that? What were the odds of that happening? Poor He-Man can’t even make it in the toy aisles anymore, but there’s a character like Mysterio hanging on the pegs. It’s hard to wrap my head around that, but it’s cool that Hasbro can make it work.


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