G.I. JOE: 25th Anniversary Battle Pack #1 by Hasbro, Part 6

Here we are at the Sixth and final part of my look at the first 25th Anniversary Battle Pack for G.I. JOE. If G.I. JOE isn’t your bag, I appreciate you indulging me this week. On the other hand, if you’re just stopping back to see if I’m still doing G.I. JOE… go to hell and come back on Monday!!!! Ahem… so far we’ve looked at Duke, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, and Gung-Ho and that brings us to everybody’s favorite rhyming and machine gun-toting chef, Roadblock. The character has garnered a lot of attention since being played by The Rock in that questionable follow up to the equally questionable G.I. JOE live action movie. Let’s see how he fared in the 25th Anniversary line.



Well, he looks pretty damn great! Ok, so his shoulders kind of look like Whoppers malted candies, but otherwise I’d say Hasbro presented us with a nice amalgam of Sunbow and vintage figure. There’s nothing too crazy here in the sculpt. You’ve got a nice camo wife-beater and brown trousers. He also sports a separate web gear piece with some pouches and a grenade. I should also note that the head sculpt looks exactly like somebody I work with, facial hair and all, and ever since I met the guy, I can never look at this figure the same way again. Anyway, Roadblock is a simple, understated but effective figure. Nice job here, Hasbro!



In addition to his removable helmet and personalized figure stand, Roadblock comes with his trademark machine gun. The gun is a nice sculpt and comes in two parts if you include the detachable tripod. Unfortunately the gun is cast in green plastic, which was an odd choice since all the other weapons in this set are appropriately cast in black. I should also note that the tripod is fairly useless. I can’t get Roadblock into a convincing prone position to have him firing it. The only time I’ve ever used the tripod for display was to have the gun standing next to him or to have it standing on the hood of the VAMP while he’s firing it.



Along with the machine gun, you get a belt of ammo and a magazine backpack. I love this idea, and connecting the ammo belt to the gun and the backpack looks fantastic, although you really have to work at it to get the backpack, the belt, the gun, and the figure all play along together. Which brings me to…




Playing around with Roadblock and his gear is a frustrating endeavor. First off, the peg holes in his feet are larger than the other figures, so the figure stands I use tend to fall right off of him. More importantly, his arms have Duke arm issues, where the hands are clearly sculpted to get him to hold the machine gun in both hands, but because his arms don’t bend at the elbows as much as they should, and because the wrists aren’t hinged, it’s tough to get him to hold his weapon with any conviction. Posing Roadblock brandishing his kick ass gun and mowing down Cobras by the dozens should be fun, but I can’t count the number of F-bombs I dropped trying to get him ready for a shot, only to have the gun pop out of his hands or the figure stand fall onto the floor. It’s amazing that even with all of these frustrations, I still love this figure.


And that puts this week long feature to bed. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and I kept putting it off because I didn’t think I’d get too into it. Turns out I loved pulling this set out and looking at it again. So much so, that I wouldn’t be surprised to see the other two Battle Packs in the 25th Anniversary line turn up here before too long. In fact, I may pencil in the Cobra set for a week in July.


I’ll freely admit that a lot of the 30th Anniversary figures were nearly perfect from a technical standpoint. I don’t think I’ve seen better 3 ¾” figures in terms of articulation, sculpt, and gear. And yet I hardly bought any of them. Why? Because I still prefer the style and charm of these 25th figures. These are the JOEs I grew up with and these are the ones that made me into an avid collector again. When they went away, I wandered away from the franchise. I’d like to say the reason why JOE isn’t a major player in the toy aisles anymore is because Hasbro abandoned this line, but I don’t think that’s the case. The 25th figures were all over the clearance aisles and I was able to pick up more than a few for next to nothing at Marshall’s and Ross. For some reason kids just stopped loving JOE and that… well, that’s just a bummer. I don’t know why, but I’m open to hearing speculation.

13 comments on “G.I. JOE: 25th Anniversary Battle Pack #1 by Hasbro, Part 6

  1. Roadblock was my first G.I. Joe figure, a Christmas gift from my parents, in his version 2 from 1986 with green vest, grey pants and short sleeves… and a big and grey machine gun. I loved that figure and couldn’t wait for my birthday, next Christmas or collect some money to get more JOEs! It was a kind of drug! And I think that kids today don’t have that kind of excitement, maybe only for video games.
    Great review, I look forward to the next Battle Pack!

    • I honestly don’t know why Joes just aren’t popular with the kids these days.I can say that marketing plays a huge roll on deciding what they’re going to get your kids hooked on next.They did sucha good job of it in the 80s ,here I am pushing 40 still collecting GI Joe.I hate to say it but I think the franchise might be due for a name change or tweak.This may piss off purists but in the process attract younger generations.A half hearted attempt at making a decent Call of Duty styled Joe game might help as well.

      • Sigma Six gets a lot of shit from collectors, but I think it was a bold move on Hasbro’s part and it seemed like it garnered a lot of excitement and interest.

        I’d really love to see Hasbro give JOE the STAR WARS BLACK treatment. I know it defies logic, since for me JOE has always been about figures and vehicles, but I don’t have space for vehicles anymore and I’d be all over premium 6-inch Joes with tons of gear, especially if they were the 80’s designs.

  2. I would love to get this figure. I never had the original. I always wanted him. The helmet, the gun, cool factor…the other Roadblock figs did not equal this one. And now he’s got a bullet belt. Damn.

      • Sweet…I probably won’t be allowed to though. Just got the Deep Purple Made in Japan box set and the new Kiss on Japanese import.

        In addition to that, I ordered the Not-Dinobot Scoria, which will be a birthday gift from my wife 🙂

      • Dude, you gotta do a review of Scoria when you get him. YOU GOTTA!

        I wasn’t going to go for him because I didn’t have MP Grimlock. Now he’s really tempting me. Personally, I think he looks like a better MP Dinobot than Grimlock.

      • OK I promise I will! My birthday is in July so, I’ll do a photo review then. Promise. With Grimmy for perspective. I understand Scoria has the same light up weapon gimmick, and his sword matches Grim’s in style, but keeping to the design of G1 Slag.

        All he’s missing is the shoulder cannon, and you know a 3rd party company will make one.

  3. Toys dont seem geared towards kids to begin with, or at least not at the same age we were. How many kids nowadays are 9 and want a new iphone? or on twitch or some social media being little adults. Wrestling is about the only thing to bring the geek side out of kids nowadays. I saw more adults buying the Joe line than kids. I was selling toys for awhile around 2013-14 and none of my customer were kids or buying stuff for kids (hell, my customers couldnt get girls to spawn with, more or less have kids). I think hasbro abandoned the line, and I cant even throw stones at them for doing it because people abandoned the line. Most of them werent to blame, real life is expensive and doesnt get any cheaper. But I just dont think there is the support for a 3 3/4 line anymore and the creativity has gone to hell with that line anyway.

      • When I worked at TRU 25 years ago, I found the Hot Wheels guys to be the worst. THE WORST, now Ive been in a few scuffles over action figures im sorry to say in my time, but the hot wheels dudes were a morning challenge. waiting at the door and ready to fight one another on 12C any minute

      • Yeah it’s crazy! I don’t know how many of them are genuine collectors or just scalpers. We haven’t had much trouble with toy scalpers until the GI JOE Classified line.

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