Guardians of the Galaxy Legends: Gamora by Hasbro

As promised, and in an attempt to get through the Wave before the damn movie gets here, I’m bookending this week with another GotG figure from Marvel Legends. This time we’re checking out that gorgeous green babe, Gamora, The deadliest woman in the whole galaxy! Can I take this time to mention how epic the Angela and Gamora brawl was in the Guardians comic? Holy shit, I was squeeing like a little kid during every panel! Oh, right… this figure is from the movie. Can I take this time to mention how epic every trailer of this movie looks? Holy shit, I was squeeing like a little kid during every second! So far this wave of figures has been nothing short of amazing… let’s see if Gamora can keep it going.


Hey, it’s the packaging! Hey, we’ve seen this before! With her rather slight build and only one accessory, Gamora doesn’t fill out her tray as well as Star-Lord or Drax did. The giant tree truck that constitutes the Groot BAF part, however, does help her along.



And here we have what is the first speed bump along the road. Gamora has a few notable flubs going for her right out of the package. For starters, there’s some high profile paint slop going on right inside her cleavage. Not that I was looking or anything, but yeah it’s rather noticeable. Normally I wouldn’t lead off with a single paint issue, but the other figures were so immaculate, I found it to be surprising. I’m happy to report the rest of the figure’s paintwork seems quite clean and precise, so maybe I just got bad luck in the chesticles department. As long as we’re leading off with paint, there are indeed some nice touches on this figure, including the metallic blue that mingles with the black of her outfit. I also like the transition of color in her hair and the green they used for her skin tone.


The next hiccup here is the portrait. It’s not a bad head sculpt in and of itself, but the likeness to Zoe Saldana just isn’t there for me. I think most of the issue lay in the eyes, which appear as if the sculptor was going for more of an Asian look. It doesn’t ruin the figure for me and normally, I would let it go, but again the first two figures that I opened in this wave set a really high standard.


The rest of Gamora strikes me as quite good, but just not exceptional. There’s a lot of detail in her outfit, particularly all the sculpted straps and buckles on her leggings, but none of them have any paint hits to really make them stand out. The texturing for the mesh of her shirt is well done and I do like the sculpting on her wrist and hand wraps. Gamora also has a separate belt that hangs loose on her hips.


As is sometimes the case with Marvel Legends women, the articulation on Gamora also takes a bit of a hit. The arms feature ball jointed shoulders and both hinges and swivels in the wrists, ball joints in the elbows, and no bicep swivels. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, but the sculpt prevents a lot of lateral movement. She has swivels in her thighs, double-hinges in the knees, and both hinges and swivels in the ankles. There’s a ball joint in her torso and again in her neck. Considering some of the crazy acrobatics I expect to see Gamora doing in the movie, the figure’s articulation could have used a few more points. I’ll also mention that the top hinge on my figue’s right leg is splayed out making the joint rather loose.





Gamora comes with one accessory, a very thin sword. It’s easily the weakest accessory of the wave so far, although there is some detail work in the design. She can hold it pretty well in either hand, and while I’m not sure it’s intentional, you can clip the sword onto her belt for storage.



This third outing for the Guardians of the Galaxy Legends wave is by no means a bad figure, but it doesn’t hold to the high pedigree of the first two releases that I looked at. Had I opened Gamora first, I might not have been as hard on her, but even with a few issues, I’m still glad to have her on my shelf to complete the team. And speaking of completing the team, usually I hold off looking at the Build-A-Figure until I’ve covered the entire wave, but next week I’m going to break tradition and look at both Rocket and Groot in the same feature. That way I can complete the core team and I’ll get to checking out Nova and Iron Man sometime in the following weeks.

3 comments on “Guardians of the Galaxy Legends: Gamora by Hasbro

  1. Love how often the main torso of the BAF is stuck in with a slight of build lady. Can’t wait to see more. I finally found Star Lord. Only the rest of the series to go…not to mention the last two Captain America figures I am missing.

  2. The likeness to Zoe Saldana “isn’t there” for you dude because it isn’t there for anybody. For what’s supposed to be a Hasbro stab at 6″ Movie Masters totally misses the mark in the facial sculpt department. Unless these MLs show up at Ross I can’t see myself laying out $20 a pop for Gamora, Iron Man, Drax, or Rocket. I have the earlier comic 6″ Drax which I like and have Rocket in BAF form and in the 3 3/4″ scale that was like a mini version of the ML BAF.

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